Into the Permaculture

It’s been another interesting week. Coming back to Amsterdam from my last exam felt like a needed break from the burden that studying was putting on me. I felt relieved even though I flunked both exams. Still in a homeless situation, I repacked my gear at the storage place we’re renting in Diemen and decided to camp near there in the ‘wild’ since I needed to be in the area to ask what the municipal government could do for me as a homeless person the next day. It actually reminded me of my time in New Zealand and I felt a bit melancholic about the times I remembered from there. Even though I missed my friends, my trip now was an evolution from that since I could only do this independently. Just like the way we used McDonalds as WiFi havens in New Zealand, I did the same here, making use of the free wifi and electricity to charge my appliances. It was kind of ironic being there, since I was studying my online permaculture design course through tapping off the McDonald’s WiFi. I couldn’t resist ordering a milkshake though. It was an ok temporary place to study, but definitely not something I’d do again since it wasn’t quite the right atmosphere… perhaps beggars can’t be choosers, although I find myself having an immense amount of choice about where I go and what I do.

Camping in ‘the wild’

The next day, I tried my luck at the municipal government but they couldn’t do much for me. I then headed to ACTA where I knew I could at least get some R&R and get my head straight on some next steps. The garden has really become my safe haven as I’m able to use the space the organize my things, but also cook meals, meet my friends and expand my network by meeting like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. As of recently, I can also charge my electronics there and am able to access WiFi from one of the entrepreneurs working there… which means I have everything I need. It’s been a great fallout zone and have used it even though I’ve been offered a room in the north of Amsterdam (albeit temporarily).

My fallout tent in the undergrowth

From the Ultraskate last weekend, I met a couple of new skaters: Gael from Lyon in France (who’s kept me up to date with recent developments in the distance skate scene) and also Joshwa from Aruba, who rents the room I mentioned. Since Joshwa was leaving to London on his own trip, he offered me his room to occupy until he came back. Even though he only met me once a week earlier, he seemed to trust me enough to leave me with the keys to his house… which is pretty cool! It’s a decent room with benefits like free-to-use washing machines and has a good location on the edge of the city.

Nice alternative to a tent J

But like I said, even though I had this opportunity, I still stayed at ACTA a couple of nights just because I like to linger around the garden until late and so I could get to work there early the next morning. I coincidentally met the beekeeper and the apprentice since my battery ran out with only 10 minutes to go from my episode of Game of Thrones (yes, I gave in, and started watching it) and left my tent to go to the closet with electricity. They were having a late dinner at the garden with some wine to discuss their bee initiative and invited me to join a bit. They always seem to have good food with them, this time some kind of spicy soup and another meal with lentils and some other things. I said good night to them since I didn’t want to make it too late having a task to remove bamboo at a client’s house the next day.

Removing bamboo is a hellish chore. I don’t recommend doing it too often. The sun was really out this day as well with another heat wave passing over us. At least we got all the refreshments we wanted at the job, and in the end, harvested quite a decent amount of bamboo for the garden too. I still have a paint job here as well so I could get cracking on that soon too. After the bamboo job, I went for a swim in a lake near the garden with one of my gardening friends. Nice to cool off, but also interesting to see all the plants that grow underneath the surface level. It’s incredible how life explodes beneath the waters. Had some other interesting experiences here around the lake but decided to call it a day since I wanted to think about some next steps for myself.

I’m currently looking at where I can do a Permaculture internship somewhere since I’m currently interested in holistic animal management. Perhaps through WWOOFing I’ll be able to fill this opportunity. Otherwise I might have to consider crowd sourcing my tuition payments for a PDC internship. Taking my time and space to figure it all out. No rush to find the answer now as I believe the answer will come to me when I’m ready to receive it, although I do give credit to faith in action; as long as you’re taking actions towards your goals, you’re on the right track. Keep moving, keep doing; follow your heart and use your head. I’ll hope to update about that some more next week J Until then!

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  1. Venkat says:

    Nice blog dude! 😀

  2. GAEL says:

    Good to read you buddy

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