Apartment, school and skating

I was actually surprised to be back in my apartment this week since I thought I said my final goodbyes already. There were some issues regarding the state in which the apartment was delivered that needed to be solved, but with some help of my aunt and my cousin, we got the job done.

I studied for the exam on Friday when I could, but it turned out to not be enough… I failed again, this time by 2 questions (I checked answers) and it looks like I’ll be here for another trimester next year. Maybe this time I’ll live in Rotterdam so that it’s easier to get to lectures and be around people who are studying the same thing to keep me motivated. In the meantime I’ll be diving deeper into the world of Permaculture whatever that may bring.

Following through as secretary of Seedsavers NL is giving me a lot of useful experience; starting an organization from the ground up is what’s always lit my fire anyway, and doing it with relevance to Permaculture makes it even more interesting. I’ll be finishing off my Permaculture Design Course soon as well since we have to hand in our design projects in August. Hopefully in September and October I can start giving workshops as well although I’d like to do some kind of practical internship on a Permaculture farm as well… I’ve been talking about Sweden a lot recently, specifically the Ridgedale Permaculture project (http://www.ridgedalepermaculture.com/) but still have to make some plans. WIP.

In other news, my ultraskating record got broken this weekend. I’m not that surprised really, since I already saw the list of the powerful skaters who signed up. I wasn’t going to do anything crazy myself and decided to take an easy ultra this year. I’m not sure what the future of my longdistance longboarding is going to look like, but I know that I’d rather do treks than ultras. I don’t mind skating hard, but seeing the same scenery over and over kind of gets boring. Unless I’ve trained hard and have a clear goal in mind, I don’t think I’ll be doing any ultras anytime soon. It really isn’t worth the pain for me if I’m not planning to go for gold.

I’m still kind of tired from supporting at the ultra so this will be a short blog. Hope to see you again!

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