Facebook, Teams and Knowing My Direction

My take on Facebook

Facebook is a great tool if you know how to use it. On the other hand, it’s also easy to get lost in. I think it’s one’s own responsibility to discipline and manage as there aren’t really any guide poles in how we go about new technology. How we use it therefore stems from our principles, beliefs and upbringing, but also the degree to which we let certain stimuli shape our cognitive understanding of the world and those around us.

Putting this much responsibility into one’s hand might be offsetting sometimes. It’s easier to blame external forces on whatever is happening, and it’s true, part of the blame sometimes does lie outside of us, but we do not control it, so therefore we must make peace with it. We are present through our actions. We take charge of life by being in the now and taking responsibility for the world we create.


Creating a team

As an introvert, I like spending time alone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good to have a team sometimes, because it is. I could use a team right now. Like my family. At least I’ve got a substitute bench as well. They’re called friends. And sometimes friends are more on the field than bloodline family. I’ve had a lot of help from them lately anyway.

Why I wanted to talk about creating a team is because I wanted to create one for the 2015 Ultraskate when the Americans are coming (among others). I want to create a Dutch team who is going to compete for the world record. One man can’t do it alone. We need trainers, teammates, supporters and all the rest. We have to win through cooperation, not competition. I was thinking of signing people up in the coming July Ultraskate in Spaarnwoude so we can get something going.


Ultraskate July 2014

Speaking of the coming Ultraskate, I’m in a bit of a situation. I want my opportunity to defend my title because I believe there are some powerful skaters competing who are going to get a good chance of topping the list and there are some good sponsors this year too. However, 2 days after the Ultra, I have my final re-sit for Supply Chain Management where I need a 7.0 to pass with a 4.5 (long story short: I missed assignments and capped my grade)… which proves to be an interesting dilemma. (I’ll speak with the Study Advisor on Monday to see what kind of leverage I can get with my whole situation, as this isn’t the only variable coming into play with my study delay.)



The good thing is, I know what I want. Or more clearly, I know what I don’t want. It’s really good getting rid of many material things, but also realizing which things are valuable to me, and what I want to keep. My music for example. It’s something that I don’t want to lose, although it’s hard to keep track of without a music group. Scuba diving as well. It’s something I was thinking about doing as a side job to earn some extra money and to develop the skills involved. I don’t think I’d mind being a scuba instructor. I would even say I’d be good at it.

But at the heart of it all is Permaculture. It’s literally what is going to make the human race survive (permanent-culture). I’m diving head first into this world and immersing myself in the works. It’s kind of unpredictable what’s going to happen but I don’t say I mind too much either. It’s probably going to give me a story to tell anyway 😉

It seems like a short blog this week, but that isn’t a bad thing either. I said what I had to say and will see you on the other side! Ciao 😉

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