May 31st, 2014

Sitting here thinking about the past week. It’s been intense. It’s been a ride. There’s a lot going on in my life that I should probably clarify to people that care about me. My blog is my way to do that.

Key events this past week:

My Grandpa’s 80th birthday

It was good to see family again after a long time. I always enjoying spending time with them anyway as I like being with my cousins and being outside with nice weather. I created and recited a poem for my grandpa which can be read on my Facebook notes (Opa 80 Jaar).

Through Permaculture I’ve also been thinking more about my ‘roots’ and where I’ve come from. Next week I’m going to Friesland, the province where my dad’s family came from. I’m going to do this with the board of SeedSavers NL and we can go visit some farms. It’s pretty cool to be a co-founding member in this organization 🙂


Moving stuff for the house with family

It’s a full time job. It’s kept me occupied a lot, and I also see where I fit in with my role of organizing things. I think me and my family work well as a team when things need to be done. The last few days we were together especially, with my sister cooking most of the meals, me doing the dishes and keeping the dishwasher clear, my dad starting to organize the shit he needed to move out or wanted to ship to Thailand. It’s funny that my mom isn’t here either, because it would make the job of getting rid of stuff a lot harder since my mom is a bit of a hoarder by wanting to keep a lot of things that have personal attachment to them or that “might be useful in the future”.


Saying Goodbye:

Dropping my dad off at the bus stop with no idea when I’ll see him again, or where he’s going to go after being in Thailand for a bit, or if he’s ever going to settle with a peace of mind.

Conflicts at the ACTA building in Amsterdam

Don’t want to get into too much detail but it’s interesting to deal with these kind of conflict resolutions as well. It’s teaching me a lot about people and the law of the land.


SocialStart open places for social entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs

I might be able to get some financing for my social entrepreneurial activities. I’m at the moment thinking of applying to the ‘Regenboog Groep’ and ‘Het Rode Kruis’ (the Red Cross of the Netherlands). Deadline for application is June 14th. My preference would probably fall towards the Red Cross just because of the brand name as both are good causes that fit my description.


Spending time at the Garden and with Permaculture

Learning from my friends at the garden, and having many meaningful conversations and activities going on around me. It’s very inspiring to be in the middle of this world.


Moving stuff for the house with friends

Realizing how many good people I’m surrounding myself with because of the phenomenal amount of help I’m getting, mostly being offered without even a request.


Realizing I can still graduate this year:

If I score a 6.9 on the Supply Chain Management exam, I can still pass with a 4.5 this year (As I’ve missed the assignments, capping my grade by 24%). I’m an above 7.0 student, and my last 2 grades were 6.9 on the Human Resource Management exam and an overall grade of 9.6 for Management Accounting which is a good track record and also allows me to compensate for a grade between 4.5 and 5.5. Judging from my history, the chances actually look favorably for me from a statistical point of view. My plan, however, is to first fail the initial Supply Chain Management Exam so I can get a lay of the land, and have time to study for it in the re-sit. Maybe I’ll spend some time at my grandparents for that. I’m planning to ace my Financial Accounting exam however, as having good grades in both MA and FA would qualify me as a somewhat competent person in the accounting field, therefore creating a hard business skill for myself to being able to talk in the language of business.

That’s it for now! I shall be working on getting the above projects working, but in my own time. I’ve enjoyed having a bit of a weekend relaxation as well, taking the time to nap and watching the Lego Movie (2014). That was actually a lot of fun! It reminded me of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) a bit and animated with my favorite toy when I was a kid. Go watch it 😉 I shall be hitting the sack soon and then get an early start to the day tomorrow. Ciao for now!

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