Meditations, May 4th 2014

May 4th, 2014.


It’s a way of being in your environment. It’s hard not to get mystical about it. But I think there’s something about spirit science that rings some truth as well.

I notice that the group and Facebook page “I Fucking Love Science” gets a bit too hard science on me. It makes claims on things that are very narrow sighted sometimes, and doesn’t take a holistic look at something. But that’s with everything… everyone has their own subjective understanding of the world and acts out according to their own principles or whatever it is that guides them.

I recently watched the movie “Earthlings”. It’s basically about how messed up it is for some animals in the animal product industry, and can be compared to how we treat humans in Guantanamo bay or the Jews in the Second World War. But to say that raising animals as a product for humans is unethical is a step too far for me. I believe that we can live eco-systematically with other animals through Permaculture design thinking, and using their product as a result of the surplus we create in our system design.

I also believe that a lot of power lies with the consumer to make a more ethical choice. Most supermarkets allow for a choice between sourcing conscious decisions. There’s a grade between the production quality of eggs for example, and I think many people have enough money to make a more ethical choice. I’m currently living on less than minimum wage and able to afford many organic products, with a bonus of bio-dynamically grown food from my community garden. I still shop in the supermarket, but I’m very conscious about my purchases.

Albert Heijn is one of my favorite supermarkets. I’m really happy about the amount of innovation that’s going on within their organization. At least, the result of some of their products such as the soup and fresh meal kits, their wide range of eggs you can choose out of, including “Rondeel eieren”, a concept that allows natural foraging for the chickens gets me really excited. I believe foraging is an essential part of what it means to be a chicken, and subsequently contributes to the quality of the eggs. Having a third party organic label on things also helps to some extent to ensure best practice procedures. This is also the case with bio-dynamics.

Bio-dynamics are a good way to ensure that your soil is not missing any nutrients. Their soil preparations and plant nursing techniques ensure a higher quality output as proven by peer reviewed academic articles. These articles are available on the Demeter association’s website, the organization dedicated to stimulate and regulate bio-dynamic farming practices.

I believe there is some truth to having the right soil preparations for your plants to ensure a yield of the highest quality. This is because your soil might naturally be missing elements that would have to be imported from outside the enclosed system. This can be done by birds sometimes, but humans of course have the ability to accelerate this process. More than just soil, humans can also accelerate growth by applying mountain crystal when dawn breaks on nursing plants. There’s a lot I still need to learn, but the seed has been planted.

Finished this week’s classes as well from Geoff Lawton’s Online PDC. This week was about Patterning. Apparently, its normal for people to fall behind in class, and Geoff expected that as well. I’m still up to date however, although I probably need some revision to get everything in top shape. I’m glad about the amount of notes I’ve written and how studying this has actually giving me motivation to go about my University courses in a similar way as well. 2 subjects left for that, and I’m mostly focusing on Supply Chain Management at the moment. I have to do that really well since I missed the first assignment. I trust that a lot of my Management Accounting skills will transfer over to Financial Accounting and that practicing exercises when the time comes will be enough to get me through. I’ll probably start next week.

It’s a been a magical few days. It’s good living here with my dad since there are some synergistic moments. I feel that as we live as 2 independent people, we can create interdependent opportunities… by using economies of scale in cooking for example. If someone in the house is cooking a meal, that person might as well serve a meal to accommodate for more people. That saves cooking for the other person as well. My meals are getting better since the influence from other people (my sister having also dropped by for a day) is making me more conscious of what people are eating and cooking. It’s also fun making something for another person because seeing another person enjoy themselves over your creation is a great thing. And you get to enjoy it yourself too!

I see my career path now as becoming a Hospitality Manager. It’s actually quite common for F1-hybrids and (perhaps other mixed race kids) to turn to hospitality and tourism as a career path. At least, I know many kids with a mixed blood/nationality background that are involved in this industry and it makes sense; because 3rd culture kids have a wider understanding of at least 2 very different cultures, they can more easily accommodate and relate to people from different origins. I still see communication problems with my parents sometimes, but I often seem to be able to tell the miscommunication happening, rather than there being an actual conflict of interests. My Thai genes have a very good understanding of service and perhaps have some influence of Buddhist spirituality that I’m drawn to. My Dutch genes gave me a more entrepreneurial spirit, getting me to venture into the unknown with a built up confidence that I’ve developed over the years. My unique blend of skills make me an excellent candidate for this role I believe.

I’ve become a longboarding, music making, fire dancing, business degree owning, permaculturist, and I seem to be enjoying the lay of the land 🙂 Let’s enjoy the ride and see where it takes us!

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