Exams Done, Rugby Ladies and the Permaculture Business

Exam week is over! I slept over at my friend’s house in Rotterdam since I don’t have a room there and exams were early. I think I did good. I almost felt over prepared, like I brought a bazooka to a knife fight. The exam aftermath was mellow. Visited some friends, played some basketball and went on a bit of a shopping spree with new shoes and a new basketball.

I feel like I’m living what I’ve dreamed of as a kid, taking care of my own finances (more or less) and being able to live free and independent. What I seek to increase now is my outreach towards community. And the garden is a great place for that.

Friday, we had the ‘NL Doet’ workday where we had the national women’s team of rugby come to help us with some garden tasks that needed to be done. It was a cool experience 🙂 They came to the garden in small numbers until their whole team was there- about 20 members plus other staff that came later. When we presented the tasks that needed to be done, I presented my task and got some eager volunteers on my team before we even decided on how to make teams. I ended up directing 5 ladies on expanding square B.

Ladies working hard!

Ladies working hard!

They did a sweet job and saved me the trouble of having to do it later! It’s also very satisfying to take a step back and watch your team work. They were singing songs and making jokes, which was fun to listen to. Seeing the group dynamics within the rugby team was also interesting, as they’re a tightly knit bunch and you see some personalities come forward through their expressiveness within this group comfort.

My team worked hard until the job was done and got an extended lunch break because of that (instead of a mid-job tea break). Even though there was some confusion about what was happening just before lunch, I think we managed it quite well and the day turned out to be quite successful and productive from my point of view. We were also lucky with the sun coming out after lunch, giving the end of the workday a nice finish.

Rugby Ladies and ACTA team!

Rugby Ladies and ACTA team!

Since I’m trying to specialize into permaculture using any means necessary, I’ve also made moves to get the business moving forwards. I tested a balcony trough we put together, including seeds and soil. The soil was most difficult to carry because of the weight and we might have to find a solution for this when we start selling to clients.  I carried 20 liters of soil in my backpack, and skated to the metro stop which is about 4 km away. 

Going to the test site!

Going to the test site!

Once there, it was pretty straightforward setting it up. I was a bit concerned about screws falling down whilst I was screwing them in, but here we see the final result:

Balcony trough

Balcony trough

This unit would probably sell for about 20 euros, give or take. We just need to make sure we give good information and package it conveniently.

It’s good being on this journey. It’s giving me the drive to do something that’s bigger than myself. It’s a lot of fun experimenting with what I know and creating something new out of it. Hopefully I’ll be pushing this more over the next week.

As for now, time to get some rest, and get cracking tomorrow on my next projects for school as well as the business and the garden. It’s all coming together 🙂

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