Studies, Music, the Garden, ‘Live from Space’ and Entrepreneurship Masters Open Day

It’s been a ride. Wow. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent studying for exams. I was supposed to go to a’Rode Hoed’ event which talked about food, but my intuition told me to skip it eventually, contemplating whether the pain was worth the reward. I decided that organizing the house would be a better use of my time.

On Thursday I had a jam session with drums, trumpet/guitar/2nd vocals, guitar, bass and myself on the vocals/saxophone. That was a cool session. You really learn a lot through improvising/experimenting. I was playing drums a bit as well. That’s a really cool feeling too. I really heard myself, and my impact on the rest of the musicians.

Friday (yesterday), I went to the garden for a mushroom workshop and also to help Menno create a Hugel bed in square B. Forgot to take a picture again, but its starting to look like something. Next week the dutch national team of women’s rugby  is going to help us with some heavy duty garden tasks. I’m kind of looking forward to that 😛

That night, I had a tasty oven cooked fish with aubergine and broccoli. The broccoli was harvested from the garden, and my refractometer says that the nutrition is on the border between the middle and high grade, which is good (brix level of 10.0-11.0?).

I took a nap after my meal and ended up waking up just after midnight: just in time to prepare myself to watch ‘Live from Space’ in where there was a 2 hour show on National Geographic with Live footage from the ISS (International Space Station). It made me think about my childhood dream of wanting to become an astronaut and our fate as the human race.

Now I know more about how the space industry works, I start to look at things like: how are we going to sustain this? Things like the space elevator could be a way to do it but everything is vulnerable in space without an atmosphere to protect it, unless you create some kind of force field or something. I have no idea.

I think my time could be better used on the ground anyway. This is spaceship earth, and we need to find a way to live  in balance with the planet, or it will probably exterminate us. I think efficient use of land through urban farming methods is a great place to start.

I went to an open day at Vrije Universiteit (VU) to look at a Masters in Entrepreneurship co-directed with the UvA (University of Amsterdam).

I was feeling that a Masters in Entrepreneurship might not be what I’d want to do overall.

I think I’ve learned enough theory about business, that its time for me to put it into practice. I think taking more permaculture courses and perhaps a course specialized in urban design consultancy would be a better use of my time and resources rather than a Masters degree. Perhaps with a Masters I could do research in such a way that I could integrate it with permaculture, but then I’d be looking at a different masters. I’m also not sure that being stuck with university is something I want again. I’d rather take a gap year to find my groove and work in the service industry to sustain my costs. I was actually thinking of doing some tutoring at the international schools. That would be cool actually.

We’ll see where this takes us. For now, exams on Monday and Tuesday that need to be focused on. Then its time for my last trimester and hopefully the beginning of a business. I’m excited!

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