Recording Our Music Video for ‘Not So Different’

I think yesterday was worthy for a midweek blog.

What me and Menno did was basically the result of an idea Menno started with by imagining me holding a free hugs sign in Amsterdam and us making a music video out of it. Through his idea, he got me inspired to writing lyrics and so I started what was the infancy of a song we are currently calling ‘Not So Different’. Through jamming and practicing the song, we figured out the pieces of the puzzle that were given to us, making a proper song out of it and giving it the right structure and sound. Today, we did the first filming for the song which involved us chilling at/near the train station in Amsterdam Amstel and also doing a ‘Free Hugs’ gig in Amsterdam Central Square. That was a new experience for me.

The night before, I also got to know on my newsfeed that giving a 20 second hug gives the long enough time necessary for oxytocin (or the ‘love’ chemical) to be released. A matter of coincidences  falling into place, and I applied this to my routine. It was satisfying giving longer than average hugs. The recipients were sometimes a bit embarrassed, but I calmly told them that we have to do it for 20 seconds for the oxytocin to be released using my watch to keep it in check. Our camera guy lost the footage of this however, so now all that’s left is the experience.  It was a very unique experience 🙂 and the recipients liked it as well.

After this, me and menno did some more jamming and we were freestyling a bit. I noticed myself rapping about ‘growing trees’, ‘living with the birds and the bees’ and ‘planting seeds’. I wanted to turn our urban farming initiative into something real.

At the moment, we’re calling it the ‘Green Initiative’. And I was messing around with album art earlier:


It’s good taking steps into the unknown. It’s sometimes quite scary but you put up a face, and you do it. It’s the way of the entrepreneur, the way of the warrior, and we do it through love and peace.

We’ve got some more gardening activities and jam sessions planned for next week, so I’m looking forward to writing about those updates as well. Until soon!

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