Studying, Permaculture and Music

Every week seems to be more colorful than the last. At least, we’re making steps forward I believe.

My exams are creeping closer but I’ve done pretty much done all the required reading for what’s to come. Now it’s just a matter of practice. I’ve cancelled some of the gardening activities I had this planned this weekend to be able to have more time to focus on my studies… and I guess all the other things I’m doing.

My permaculture journey is really starting to take off more now. I had my first meeting with a client as a permaculture design consultant. The meeting consisted of basically figuring out what they client wanted/needed and making measurements and pictures of the designated space. The idea is that we’re going to use his space as a prototype to model the rest after so we can basically copy and paste the design we make for him by using the same design on modules we sell to people with similar spaces. I’m excited about undertaking this project, but I have to figure out how to keep costs as low as possible as well by the way I source materials. Perhaps even recycling used materials.

It’s not only my own initiative that’s leading me in the right direction but also the gardening community at ACTA. I had a teamleader meeting this week over Skype and I think I was able to contribute by providing a backup plan to an event where we get to take charge of 20 female rugby players to do work in the garden. Basically, if there’s labor available, I’m going to expand my grid system along the border of the property. That means a lot of shoveling, perhaps some rabbit fencing, and transporting compost and mulch- plenty of activity to get their heart beats up and running.

Yesterday I went to the garden again, and invited Menno to come as well. We basically repaired the greenhouse (which is in square B) and seeded some aubergine and tomatoes there. I think it looks good! No pictures though, but maybe next week. For the rest, since I am now team leader of crop planning, I also worked with another lady (Rieni) to plant some early peas and beans in square C. I think that went quite well having gotten little signs saying what is planted where.

After gardening, me and Menno went to Diemen where Lynn was going to bring food for us later. It was a pretty dynamic night with me and Menno jamming with different instrument combinations (saxophone/trumpet; voice/lead guitar, didgeridoo/trumpet, rhythm guitar/lead guitar) and also working on a song we want to perform on the streets of Amsterdam. Lynn was mostly spectating and getting intoxicated which was fine with me.

Its really good to be able to jam with someone like this on a regular basis. It really opens up the floodgates of creativity. I’m not sure where this is going to go, but one thing’s for sure: it’s awesome. More than just music, we are also creating synergy with our ideas of business (permaculture design and recycling hemp). I put forward the idea of doing the same Masters in Amsterdam as well (in entrepreneurship) as he’s about to finish his business bachelor as well. That’ll give us access to more resources anyway and help us stay on one path.

For now, we just gotta keep going at it. I’ve connected with some members with the on-stage jam session I went to last month as well and we might do a reggae/ska/jazz style jam session next week with me and Menno providing the horns. It’s exciting 🙂 Riding some good waves and I’m feeling hopeful for the future.

Until next week!

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