Music and Gardening

A day late on my blog because I was exhausted yesterday from working at the garden, having also only eaten breakfast to keep me going through the whole day.

This past week has been eventful however.

On Saturday, me and Menno finished an original song my sister is using for a competition. Check it out:

Me and Menno make a good team. He pushes me to perform, and inspires me with his guitar riffs that I can use to practice my lyrics and voice. I’m getting more used to jamming in this form, and I notice it has also strengthened my creativity in this field by being able to come up with melodies and words faster. Not just that, but I’m becoming more confident in my own ability to perform, at the same time becoming less fearful of failing. It’s exciting 🙂 We had another jam session on Wednesday and he’s also helping me with other business ideas in the field of hemp and permaculture. Lately, I’ve been working on establishing a potential market for permaculture design consultancy in where I design and implement an urban permaculture designed space and teach the user what they need to know to maintain such a system, inviting them to also join a community to learn even more. Through Menno, I’ve been able to contact potential candidates who are willing to use their balcony space for initial R&D. Hopefully next week we’ll get started on assessing client needs and making measurements.

Exams are also coming closer, so I’ve been making steps towards that through practicing exercises and making notes on the theory in the books. Management Accounting is a matter of practice and HRM is a matter of knowing the theories well enough to be able to apply them in situations. I need a bit more practice, but I’m about to reach a point where no new content will be given and we are expected to revise for exams. I’ve done most of the work, so I should be on track with that (exams are March 17-18).

Most of my focus is more easily directed towards gardening however. I went to the Stadsboeren Cafe, which is a gathering for people involved with urban farming, and people that are quite active in the field tend to show up. Here I met one of the founders of Seed Savers in the Netherlands and decided to join the group. I’ve only connected with the group through email so far but I’m curious to see where this might lead as there are people in the group with the same mindset as I have.

At the event itself I also gave an impromptu presentation on getting people to join my current group (which is the ACTA garden). I find that a lot of these gardening groups are not really organized professionally, but that also means that it leaves a lot of room for me to have an impact I feel. I constantly see improvements that can be made, or how things can be done differently for more effective solutions. The biggest thing that strikes me every time in one of these groups is the lack of leadership and structure. Leadership is important because we need someone to steer the ship in the right direction, and make sure we’re all on the same line with what this direction is. Structure is necessary for things to move forwards efficiently, and is a matter of management and design. I feel I have potential for both, and want to step up to leadership roles within these organizations to have more of an impact.

I’ve recently been appointed as the group leader for ‘crop planning’ at ACTA and I’m having my first team leader meeting with the other leaders from ‘soil and compost’ and ‘community’ next week to discuss next steps. That should be good. I’ve already socialized with Wigger privately (who is the leader for ‘soil and compost’) and exchanged ideas with him about the garden, my PDC business, and his personal project ‘Green Masters’ which I’m looking forward to seeing implemented as well.

My work at the garden yesterday involved some major reorganization of the storage container and further preparation of the 3 sister garden I’ve planned in square B. We’ve now mulched the raised beds with cardboard, straw, and some extra compost:

Mulched beds


It’ll only be around May or something that we can actually plant anything, but its a start.

There’s progress going on in the other squares of the plot as well, although this one is the only one that’s been started from scratch with me to document it. I was thinking of writing for ACTA as well but I’d need more cooperation from the group to help me with pictures and documentation of what happened.

Its a lot of fun mucking around in the garden anyway, and its a good workout as well. I’ll blog again next week on further progress. Ciao!

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3 Responses to Music and Gardening

  1. lizard100 says:

    It’s ready to get carried away at the garden and forget to eat.

    • iemke postma says:

      (I think you meant ‘its EASY to get carried away’?) But yeah, I agree that you can definitely get into a zone when doing these kind of things. Although it also fosters an appetite afterwards! 😉

  2. lizard100 says:

    Yep. Not maybe Really easy’ turned into one word! We had the same today!

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