Warmer Days

It seems spring is coming early this year. It can still get chilly but the sun was shining and the weather was sweet (yeah).

Today I went to volunteer at the garden again. I started my own plot and the whole organization is really coming together more for me. I should’ve got a before and after picture, but here’s the after:

The plot I designed in "Vak B" or "Section B" in English.

The plot I designed in “Vak B” or “Section B” in English.

Basically, there are 4 rectangles separated by wheelbarrow length footpaths. We’re going to attempt a 3 sister garden here.

The thing I’m worried about is for there to be enough sunlight. The building is in the direction from where the picture is taken, and is towering between the sun and the garden during the middle of the day. This might be problematic. But could also be an experiment to see how this will compare against a rooftop garden (if we’re allowed to build one).

I really enjoyed today, being in the sun, working in the garden. It was a sweet day. I also find that I become a lot more extrovert when I’m being myself in the garden. I really feel that I can express myself a lot better there than, for example, sitting in a train locked into a closed space.

It’s really fun connecting with people when you’re gardening as well, because anyone could be a volunteer. We need all the help we can get and anyone that’s remotely interested in what we’re doing is welcome. That’s what I love about it as well. It’s very open door and open source since you can come up with any idea you have and implement it with help from the team.

If you’re looking for a workout, come to the garden! Why waste your energy lifting heavy weights in the gym when you could be using that energy for something that’s actually useful? Our plot is big enough to make you do plenty of walking, but also shoveling and transporting raw materials like straw, wood chips or compost will get you going if you persist long enough.

It seems that I’ve really got the ball rolling on this gardening thing. I’ve been thinking a lot more seriously about Permaculture Design Consultancy this week, and even started writing a business plan about how I’m going to approach it. I think I still need more knowledge, but that will come with practice too. What I want to do is design a balcony garden here at home to see if I can do this single handed (don’t worry parents, I’ll put it on paper before I start shoveling dirt). I’ll keep myself involved with the community, and see where it takes me.

There’s been a lot of positive energy coming my way from my external networks. I wish my sister would display more positive energy too.

She actually stayed over for quite a while this week because she had volunteer stuff to do in Leiden (analyzing plastic particles which exist in the ocean). She was also feeling sick so didn’t want to go back. It probably also feels very isolated there since she just moved in and her internship hasn’t properly started yet. At the moment, I’m also working on a music piece to accompany her video she wants to send in for her competition. It should be done by the end of this Saturday but we’ll see how we get along. ‘We’ is Me and Menno van Dam, a dude I met through seeing an old school colleague of mine who is his girlfriend. Our deadline is the 25th anyway, so we have time to add layers and sounds if we wanted. Both our parts are done anyway (me having written lyrics doing the vocals and Menno with his guitar riff as accompaniment). I’m excited!

I’ve come to see my sister as someone I might potentially be able to do business with. She’s got a lot of useful skills that can work synergistically with mine but she may need an attitude adjustment. The easiest way for me to relate to her is as a client, as client feedback is important to understand and deal with. She’s one of the more difficult clients, which is great practice for me, but may not be so great for her when relating to other people.

Of course I can’t say how she relates to other people, but I find that she doesn’t use a lot of social competence when dealing with me. Things can go a lot smoother when we’re together, but I’m hanging in there.

Other than that, its all sunshine and bacon. Weekly blogs are definitely more effective since I can compress a lot of the things that happen through talking about themes and ideas rather than specific activities. It would, however, be handy to do a 30 day trial on something and blog about that certain thing everyday. Just ideas. For now, I’m enjoying this once a week routine + anytime inspiration.

Hope to see you around!



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2 Responses to Warmer Days

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Everything looks great. I look forward to seeing your 3 sisters garden methods.

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