Verbal Vomit After 8 Days

It’s been 8 days since my last blog post. I felt like blogging didn’t have much use to me then, possibly having some negative feelings that I didn’t want to express. I feel, however, that I’ve let go of a lot of my ego in the last week. It’s helped to meet friends and other people that I’ve known, but also strangers I’ve met in gardening groups and sprouting workshops. It’s been a ride.

Reading back on my blog, reliving some of my thoughts and moments motivates me to keep going, realizing that this will look awesome looking back.

I’m trying to get the right people around me. Gardening groups is one way. Music another. I could try harder with school as well to be honest. Monday is definitely a uni day since there’s a lot going on: lectures, workshops and a jam event hosted by the Erasmus Student Network or ESN Rotterdam.

Tomorrow is a gardening day at ACTA so I’m going to go to that. Saturday will be a gardening day at Luistervink hosted by Cityplot Amsterdam. Both depend on the weather, but at least that ball is getting rolled too.

I went out a lot today, bought some stuff for the house like new lights and some garden gloves. They were out of supply of Wellingtons which I kind of need if I’m going to work in the garden.

I skate and take public transport. Public transport is free for me as a student on weekdays, so I’m trying to use it more effectively.

It’s been interesting studying as well. Just the whole process.

The reason I went to university in the first place was because that seemed to be the way to go, and I had the points to do it. I also saw university as an escape out of my living situation, as I was living with strangers who I had trouble understanding a relationship with. I figured that living with roommates and more independent was something I desperately needed to taste. Uni life. 

When deciding studies, I was hesitating between Civil Engineering at TU Delft or IBA at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In the end I chose business, because it was more generally applicable with what I wanted to do. I was playing around with the idea of starting a hotel in the future, as I wanted to create a lifestyle around myself by building it with bricks and mortar. Or bamboo and hempcrete, thinking of it now. I’m still very interested in learning more about engineering however, especially in the field of industrial design for hemp products. What if we could take the building blocks of hemp, and turn that into the basis of the materials 3D printers use? It would be very good for the environment, and it would definitely loosen up a lot of control of centralized governments.

It’s interesting that through exploring my past I think about things that I want to do in the future. I rediscover my purpose, as it is always there with me. I figure I’m taking an easy ride as I’m plotting a long course. It’s a marathon (or ultraskate if you like). 

My next step is to try again at Hempworks because at the moment, I’m living in the area and that’s the only hemp shop I know. I’m not going to move because I feel its a waste of family resources, and this place would otherwise be empty. All the other shops and places I want to apply to (think internationally) will have to wait after my studies. A farm in New Zealand would be cool, or something in France, since I won’t have to spend so much on a plane ticket. Maybe its going to be in Thailand after all. Who knows.

I’ve enjoyed writing this piece but I’m now going to continue my restarted campaign on Gears of War 3 in insane mode.



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  1. joukep says:

    Building? Look at this link:
    Only 8% cement needed!

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