Life in North Holland

Woke up this morning quite late actually. Interesting nights do that sometimes. Did some exercises for MA then took a really long break before I got started on HRM.

Really weird sleep patterns as well. I’m now awake at 2:34AM having just finished a section with HRM. I could be caught up with everything by tomorrow.

It’s been pretty good living here. I feel like I’m meeting enough people through random Amsterdam trips and gardening activities. I just have to get more active in the field of job hunting. I still have 5 months or so to get a job before the study finance tap is cut off (assuming I graduate, which at this moment I’m feeling pretty confident about). I really want to get into this hemp thing. I just need to find my point of entry. Maybe I’ll end up as an entrepreneur after all. Who knows. Need to follow my heart.

I’ve been living really sabaai sabaai here in the apartment. As long as I keep up with the study goals, I’ll be fine. I think I’m way ahead as well by actually following it. Couldn’t really compare, but I’d imagine if I’d have 2 more subjects and a thesis to think about, I’d be living this differently (Or would I? Since the reason I did a 4th year was because I wanted to live differently).

I was thinking of using my free travel card more. Visit some people. I feel like I’m going to reach some kind of checkpoint this week with school, but also with life. It’s my first month back in Holland after all. And it feels good 🙂

I’m going to go find out if I can get into hemp some other way. Peace!

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