Studying Management Accounting

Pretty much finished with Management Accounting today. At least, I’ve formed the basis of which I’m going to do the midterm on so its all just revision and practice which I have more than 2 weeks for. Nice.

The last 2 days have actually been really similar. I pretty much end my days smoking weed because it releases the pressure I build up through studying. I should refer to my previous posts more as well regarding my take on marijuana. This is going to require some innovation in my blog. I’m incrementally adjusting it as I go along with writing, but maybe some help would be nice if we’re going to do some radical innovation.

It’s been really good blogging every day. It makes me keep an eye on my progress and makes sure that I’ve got something to write about by achieving something. Its not always the same category in which I’m making progress in, so its pretty varied right now. I think that’s a good thing. Makes me figure out what I want as well.

Regarding that, I was remembering a conversation I had with my old roommate last week about wanting things. It was about girls. I think he really wants a girlfriend.

My take on it is that a person first need to head in the direction of what they want in life, and that the rest will follow. I’m personally not anxious about it 🙂 But my roommate sort of is 😛

For now, its catching up with HRM. My other ex-roommate finally found my HRM book. And he’s got my case reader as well which they don’t sell this year, but it definitely makes the reading work easier. I’ll probably go pick it up sometime this week (or next, depending on my progress), and swap shirts as well. I still have to give a shirt to my other roommate as well (they’re gifts from Thailand).

I didn’t go to lectures today. Yesterday, I felt worn out from studying and decided to take a late night relaxing, watching TV and playing games. I decided that I didn’t want to stress about waking up in time to catch the bus, so I decided to just wake up naturally, and see what I felt like doing.

I eventually woke up just after 10am, deciding that going to lectures wasn’t worth the pain of travelling, so instead I finished my Management Accounting chapters at home.

Studying  takes a lot out of me, but I vent by playing music or the occasional video game. Music breaks are usually quick, as I’ll play the didgeridoo and work on 2-3 techniques or I play a few songs on the guitar, so they’re about 10-15 minute breaks. Video gaming is like a large reward for me, and I like to take my time with it, so I usually plan these after significant work achievements like being over the middle with my designated chapter. Coming back from gaming to study also makes me feel much more refreshed.

I’m about to vacuum the house now, so I’ll write again soon.


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