Gardening Activities and Studies

Skipped another day. It’s been interesting.

The Sprouting workshop was interesting. I learned a lot about some basics of sprouting. I was actually interested in a seed saving direction point of view as well, so you can repeat the cycle at home.

That day, I also joined a friend from the workshop to a bee lecture, which talked more about the behavior of bees and how they do what they do. It was actually really interesting, although the pauses of the lecture required audience interaction. That’s not bad, but there sort of needs to be a leader in the room.

I left after the presentation to go back home since it was getting late. I still had to get my studying done but I saw an opportunity to expand my network as well.

I caught a Train to Diemen, although I missed my stop. I noticed a station later. I caught the train back and longboarded from the station to the apartment.

I smoked some weed and had a really interesting night.

In the morning I got started on Management Accounting. I finished a chapter today.

Job Costing. It’s about applying costs to particular ‘jobs’ as individual units. Like each job is tailor made for its description.

Opposed to.

Process costing. Which looks at the masses of identical or similar units of a product or service. Such as grain, lumber and oil.

I had to pull out a textbook for that. Still trying to wrap my head around this.

It’s not been a breeze studying, but getting through it, step by step. The exam is in Mid-February and I got 2 chapters more to go, planning to be done Monday evening at the latest.

There might be a chance I’m way ahead here, because a lot of the 2 weeks before exams seems like revision in forms of workshops. Might be worth going to the second workshop since it deals with the material I’m struggling with. Also with HRM, I seem to have passed the bulk of literature. Now its only decreasing, because I’ve read almost the whole book.

It’s not always as bad as it sometimes may seem 🙂


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