Visiting a friend and new job application

Skipped a blog day again. Yesterday I went to visit an old friend who I’ve known since I came back to the Netherlands in 2007. That’s almost 7 years that I’ve known her. Her boyfriend was there as well, who I had a bit of a jam session with since he also played guitar. He plays more lead guitar, and I play more rhythm and voice, so the mesh went really well. I’m looking forward to jamming some more 🙂

We caught up with what’s happening with each other and she seems to be doing well. It was cool seeing her again 🙂

Another friend came and we played some board games, drank some wine, and after the jam session, I went home since it was getting late. I ended sleeping at 2:00am which is why the blog from yesterday was missing.

I also notice that waking up late sort of puts me off for the rest of the day. I did finish what I needed for HRM but I got started poorly on Management Accounting. I really wasn’t in the mood today so resorted to cleaning up the house, playing some music, playing some Shogun 2, and hopefully getting a good rest tonight so I can get on with MA tomorrow.

What they’ve assigned for next week is actually the last chapters we need to know for the midterm in mid-february, so if I stay on track with that, I think I should be able to ace it. I’ve understood everything so far, scoring full marks on the self-study exercises so we’ll see how the exam goes.

Just sent out a new job application as well, this time in the direction of a marketing internship for a music venue.

It would be very cool to go deeper into that industry as well. What’s important for me is the skills I learn on the job anyway, and marketing skills can always come in handy no matter what product or service you’re trying to sell. I’ll keep my eyes out for other opportunities that interest me and we’ll see where I land.

I have a gardening workshop at 10:00 am tomorrow in Amsterdam which I actually forgot about. Will have to study after that then… I’ll let you know how it goes.


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