Life in 2 cities and rejected at Hemp Works

Yesterday I didn’t blog as I came back late from friends in Rotterdam. I spent the morning at the lecture studying from the book, asked a few questions about course details, then went to self study at cafe Belmondo, a study cafe. It took a lot effort at the end to finish the chapter, but once I did, I went out to see the city and get some supplies.

I went over to my friend’s place where his roommates let me in as he wasn’t home yet. I played guitar in his room and chilled a bit with his roommates. When he arrived, we caught up a bit as he was talking about giving me honey his dad made. It’s pretty decent! It’s a whole kilogram of honey as well since its a whole honey slot. Beekeeping is a really fascinating process. I’d like to get into that more.

We decided to make dinner since I opened up a wine bottle a few days ago and I realized I had to finish the bottle soon. I needed help with that.

Dinner was steaks with a green bean and potato dish. I was head chef, which I actually really enjoyed. We got everything cooked and on a plate in the end, so something must’ve gone right.

After the meal we played some Settlers of Catan. I had good resource positioning, but my number positioning was crap so I had to rely on 3 numbers for me to get anything. I flunked the game because of that. But also because I wanted to get going to Amsterdam as well, be in my own place so I could wake up early to check out Hempworks.

Which is what I did today.

When I came in the shop, the acting manager was working which I remembered correctly. I then introduced myself and she remembered my name, telling me that it wasn’t possible to take anyone on right now because of their mistrust in information about their products being distributed among competition. Apparently competition is really high, so the owners don’t want to risk having another individual around they don’t know.

I was  prepared for that, but I thanked them and checked out their store. I was looking for a particular kind of sweater but they only had hoodies which I had enough of already. I checked out some of their books and then left to go the library to study.

At the library, I did another chapter again, this time, more on auto-pilot. I just structured the notes the way I’ve conditioned myself to, occasionally reading details. I did set a time-record for a chapter I think. Staying a bit more in the library to read up on some books, I later made my way home as I was hungry and needed a break.

Today got me to think about the realities of getting a job in this world. I also realize that I would like to have a job in a more rural natural environment… like a farm. I want to raise sheep and make wool, and/or plant industrial hemp and make all kinds of other products. That would be cool. Beekeeping is also sick. And hunting pheasants.

Maybe I gotta look into the production aspect of hemp more, and see if I can do something there.

The next steps have to be taken now… lets see where this takes me.

Live in peace.

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