Sunday in Amsterdam

I woke up today before 9:00 and showered, prepared lunch while eating breakfast. Got my stuff packed and went out on my longboard to catch the train to Amsterdam.

At the trainstation I had to wait longer than expected so I started playing Duolingo on my iPhone learning and practicing my French, even whilst riding the train.

Once I got out of the train, I skated to the Amsterdam Library to get started on HRM. There I studied for 45 minutes approximately before I took a lunch break having had little for breakfast.

I had lettuce and tomatoes with an oil-vinegar dressing. I also had a sausage, some nuts, and a banana extra.

That was a decent lunch.

After eating, I went back to studying and finished the chapter.

That was a mental workout, although its costing me less energy now; I've put more structure into my notes. Structuring habits is a powerful thing.

My reward for studying was to go out into Amsterdam to buy my checklist of things I needed like incense sticks, elastic bands and a notepad.

On my way around Amsterdam, you see many different kinds of people. It's really cool to see so many cultures in one place. I also saw cool stuff like a person Stand Up Paddle surfing (SUPing) in the Amsterdam canal with a wetsuit (although he still looked very dry).


SUPing in Amsterdam!

On my way to the last 2 objects, I saw a girl playing Ukulele. I was going by when I thought, wait a minute, let’s go check it out.
I wasn’t in a rush anyway.

I gave her 20cents and then talked to her after the end of her song. I ended just chilling for a bit, talking, playing some music with her, trying to help her act. And I actually did. We got some smiles and we got some coins, in total over €4 which I was pretty happy about.

What I find with busking, is that it’s really important to try and connect with your audience. You really have to feel the vibe. What’s going on in everyone’s head? What message does everyone need to hear?

I got positive reactions when I played “Where is the Love?” by the BEPs. That fits in with this day and age.

I also got positive reactions when I did my improvise gig, where I comment about everyone I see in a simple chord progression. That’s fun for the player as well.

This is the second day for me playing in public. Clare (the girl) really helped me with my stage fright. It really feels like there’s steps to these things, slowly climbing further out of my comfort zone.

I’ll go to Amsterdam again on Tuesday and I’ll be sure to bring my guitar. Maybe Clare will be there too 🙂

Tomorrow it’s Rotterdam for lectures and friends. I could bring Settlers of Catan again, and take my weekend bag as well. I should check with them anyhow.

Until tomorrow and may you all live in peace and love.

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