Food and studying design whilst designing my study

My diet has mostly consisted of bananas, nuts, stroopwafels, coffee, tea and a salad mix with tomato, cheese, lettuce and a spiced oil-vinegar dressing. It’s actually been a really cheap way to live whilst eating pretty good ingredients. I spend a lot less when I’m on my own than when I’m living with someone anyway (e.g. My sister).

We have a pretty awesome coffee machine at home which will make you a bloody good coffee without any effort or expenditure (if we don’t run out of beans at least). Gotta thank my parents for liking good coffee 🙂 a cup of coffee with a stroopwafel during my study breaks does magic.

I wanted to cook a meal for myself today since I felt I haven’t done that in a while. I got to the kitchen and was trying to work the combi microwave which is a mystery to me with all its symbols and non written instructions. I tried to push some buttons and intuitively figure out what the symbols meant but it just got me frustrated and I ended up looking for the hot air oven which was in the small room next to the kitchen. That’s easy and straightforward to use, however, then I came into my next problem… Where am I going to put it? This question created a whole reorganization of the kitchen into how I think it could be designed more ergonomically. The result is more space, less clutter and a more effective categorization of kitchen objects and items.

I could still do some more micromanaging of the cupboards, but I think I made some solid moves which are going to assist me with cooking as it now feels like a more inviting environment for me to enter and cook in.

Not only that, but I believe it helps my studying. I’m laying the foundational structures of my environment by moving objects, which strive to be labeled, categorized and ordered to the extent deemed fit. I believe that my environment is a reflection of my mind so if I put structure into both, they work synergistically to create more order.

I really feel I’m living my school subjects as well, applying what I know with my environment. Like using categorization and labeling skills as a management accountant would. Or implementing ergonomic design like an HRM specialist would.

Life is good anyway. We’ll see where we end up.

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