Visiting friends in Rotterdam, studying and getting research bonus points

Last week, I planned to go to Rotterdam for some behavioral research (which I needed to do get bonus points for my course), I thought I might as well visit some friends if I’m travelling there. That’s what I did and that’s where I’m writing this blog at the moment.

It’s good seeing the people. I feel the need to express my differentness a lot of the time though, or at least, I’m not quick to conform into what others are doing. I did intiate a lot of things like the Kolonisten of Catan game we were playing (Settlers of Catan) as I brought it over from home. I also got some Shisha with Watermelon-Mint tobacco which my cousin recommended, so we were smoking that for a bit.

It’s good being amongst fellow students as well. This is my community. These are my people. But this is the first time I feel this kind of connection, possibly because we’ve all pretty much just been through the same stuff for 3 years, with notable differences in approaches however. We’ll see where we all end up.

As for now, I definitely enjoy Management Accounting more than HRM. At least, I’m racing through that book compared with the rate I study HRM. I’m going to study that a bit more today. I was studying that in school in between experiments as well.

The last experiment I did was actually kind of cool. We were with 3 people in total, and set up in a hierarchy of senior consultant, consultant and junior consultant. I was senior consultant so I had the most power. It was kind of fun to see how we would make strategies for our virtual business, as there were individual points we gained through making certain decisions. The key was negotiation as there were some conflicts in decisions.

As senior consultant I felt pretty good. I had the eventual say of what would happen, and I used my power accordingly, also threatening a dictatorship if things were put very unfavourable to my part. The researcher told me afterwards that that was exactly what she wanted (using my power that is).

The experiment went over pretty quick as well it seemed, although it took like an hour in total. I really enjoyed doing that. Maybe I’ll sign up to more for money or something if I’m in school. They pay like 10€ an hour (tax-free I guess) which is pretty cool.

As for now, I should probably head back to Diemen and get my shirt sorted. Time to study.

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