Ineffective Day

My studying isn’t going as efficient as I hoped it would be. I woke up early today to wait for the repair man to check up on the boiler. That completely threw me off for the whole day. I felt kind of paralyzed from my sleep deficiency, and making notes and studying was ineffective to say the least. I’m almost caught up to yesterday’s lesson and now I need to plan my time for next week’s lesson. I gotta say, not all the literature is even available at this point in the course, so it’s making it more difficult than necessary to keep up with what is assigned. On the otherhand, I’m not keeping up anyway, even without the extra literature.

I don’t think the teacher wrote it to make people think they could keep up with the pace. I wonder who does? When I ask around me, no-one seems to be more aware of the situation, possibly because these guys have double the course load as well. There seems to be no time to think because everyone’s on this moving frame to get through the course. I really want to slow down though. Get more in depth with the material. But I want to feel active and motivated, so I might have to change my learning strategy.

There’s a few strategies I’m thinking about. I’m going to go make a plan right now.

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