Home alone as my sister leaves to Curacao

So yesterday I did another chapter of HRM. I didn’t do more because it felt kind of hectic with my sister packing for Curacao + I was running errands and I took 2 hours off playing Shogun 2. I did what I planned to do though, so happy about that.

Today, my sister left early in the morning. I gave her a quick hug before going back to bed. It’s kind of sad that my sister left and I’m all alone, but I’m kind of happy that I have the place to myself now. I’ve been practicing a bit of didgeridoo today and playing electric guitar- things that might’ve annoyed my sister if she were here.

I woke up relatively late today as well. 10:30 or something. In the beginning I was struggling with getting started studying as I had doubts about whether how I was studying was effective. I spent some time in the morning reading up on learning strategies, and that in turn gave me more morivation to study as well. It is now 21:11 and I’ve just finished another HRM chapter. I was planning on doing 2 today, so we’ll see how my energy levels are later.

I think I’ll take a break until 21:45 then get started on the next chapter.

I notice I’m getting better at studying as well. At least, I adapt faster when I’m in a rut, such as how I researched learning strategies in the morning. I’m still amazed by my colleagues in IBA who nailed everything in one go. Or some who did IBA in 2 years. But like I said before in my previous blog, I like being able to focus on a few things, and build a stronger foundation rather than cramming subject knowledge to pass an exam. It’s teaching me about structure and discipline, which I now have the time to work on. I also have a better chance to apply what I know as I’m now looking for a job which relates to the recruitment and selection part of HRM. And also a bit of job design and analysis since I think I’ll be an entrepreneurial spirit within the organization, expanding my functionality on the job. At least, that’s how I see myself working, making a measurable impact in the organization. SME’s for the win!

That’s all I have to report for now. Peace!

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