A House in the Amsterdam Region

I’ve got a good feeling about this area. I like the structure of the Netherlands in terms of infrastructure (bike paths, dams, floating houses) and I feel that it has enough legal freedom for me to do the things I want in it in terms of hemp. I’m thinking about spending some more time here to develop my roots.

I really need my own place however. Ideally, I’d want a place where I can play didgeridoo at 4:00am in the morning without disturbing anyone. I need a soundproof installation or something really out in the middle of nowhere. I like being near the Amsterdam Library and the University as well, as they give me access to resources. Human as well as capital.

Independence is a really important thing for me, as Stephen R. Covey said, we cannot achieve a public victory with interpendence without achieving independence first, and achieving a personal victory over dependence.

I think it’s time to meditate.

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