Another Day in the Apartment

Got out of bed at 10:30 today. 2 hour improvement on yesterday. I showered, had some tea with a stroopwafel, and got started pretty quickly with studying after checking a few emails and facebook notifications. I studied a whole chapter of HRM today. Really taking my time with this thing. I think I did good, having written about 14 pages worth of notes.

I need to really take my time with this thing. I’m like a turtle when it comes to studying. Slow and steady. I really need to push myself sometimes to get a topic done. It’s got to do a bit with the HRM book as well, the way its structured. There are topic beginnings and sub-topic beginnings that don’t really make any sense. Really not happy with this book but I’m getting through it. I don’t think other students did it like this either. I know 2 people who didn’t even buy the book for it. They just used the summaries of a student company. The person I got it from said she barely looked into it and used a summary in the end as well.

I don’t think its a bad thing taking my time studying though. It’s a lot less stressful. I’m just sailing across the water, slowly adjusting the tell-tales, getting better at looking around me.

I’m really liking the area of Amsterdam. Or at least, I’m glad to be living here. The public transport is easy, there’s a good place for longboarding (bike paths), and everything is close. Like take a bike, and you’ll get to where you need in 10-15 minutes.Though, I prefer longboards because they are better for travelling. The benefits of having a longboard:

-It’s speedy. A longboard lies between a pedestrian and a bike in speed. (Although its up to the user how far you can push it up to ‘bike’ status.)

-It’s portable. A longboard is more compact, so you can easily take it in trains or buses.

-It’s easy. It’s surprisingly steady, and you see more girls and older people use it as an alternative mode of transport. (A year and a bit ago in New Zealand, they had The Top 3 Gifts Kiwi Children Want for Christmas 2012. In the top 3 for the girls, was a longboard.)

-It brings people together. (I’ve had my share of longboard culture moments.)

There’s probably more benefits.

I’m really thinking about my lifestyle choices at the moment. What can I improve? What can I change? I feel good about being in a constructive environment. I need to feel like change is happening around me. There’s a few projects I’m thinking of:

-The balcony here is well kept. It can pretty much serve as a garden when the time comes. I hope to meet with the gardening people this Saturday so I can get more knowledge on how to get this started.

-I’m thinking if I should use the computer more for taking notes? I’ve been taking handwritten notes so that I can sit away from the computer and possible distractions. A book and paper still works for me. I could perhaps do a digital trial someday though? It’ll kind of mess with my note structure, but innovation might be a necessity. I’ve currently constructed a stand up desk in my dad’s office/the-guest-room, and I’ve redesigned the furniture to make it more ergonomic. I deem this my “lab”.

It’s good to sit and write in other places though. Especially using this stand up desk once in a while or more often. Changing my habits for the better. That’s what I’m working on. It helps reflecting on it. It’s a good thing I used my time in Thailand to develop my writing  habit. Now, writing comes to me everyday, and makes me reflect in a healthy way on life.

I feel I can express myself here the best. It’s quiet, doesn’t distract anyone, and allows me to take a look inside of me as well. What I would really wish for though, to express mysef, is a room where I can make my music and be as loud as I can be without remotely disturbing anyone. I still need a place of my own. And a job.

I called Hempworks today. She said I needed to wait for the [owner I assume] who was in Spain at the moment, so I needed to wait for next week probably. I’m really going for this hemp thing though. It’s got my excitement spinning about the possibilities it can open up for people. I’m just curious about all the things they can make with it. I have to see it for myself.

I feel that once I set my foot in that world, I can see what’s on the otherside of the door, get to know the industry, talk to suppliers and customers. This is step 1.

Step 2 is find a house. We gotta do this anyway since my dad wants to get rid of this place. In accounting terms, its a fixed cost, and he’s only partly utilizing it. At least his kids are, which is I guess his way of supporting us. We’ll see what happens in 6 months when me and my sister are moving on to the next chapter.

But job first.

That’s all I’m going to write for today. Peace and good night.

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