Student life

I woke up today at around 12:30pm. I normally don’t wake up this late, but I stayed up until 4:30am the night before because I couldn’t sleep in which I decided to do some Management Accounting revision and start a gaming session of Shogun 2: Total War.

That game really gets me thinking about war, and the amount of lives you end by waging it. I like playing in marathon sessions which is why I try to avoid playing often, and use it as a reward sparingly.

Waking up late didn’t change my responsibilities, so I still worked on HRM straight after breakfast. I worked up until 4:20 in which I decided to smoke a spliff, get some groceries, check out the university of amsterdam’s gym, vacuum the house, watch TV and started with cooking preparations. I cleaned the workstation and prepared most of the veggies, my sister following by preparing the salmon. I left control over to her after things started cooking and watched a discussion on MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses) on TV. Fascinating where education might end up in 10 years.

After dinner, my sister made a dessert with wafels, whipped cream and frozen berries. That was good.

I watched TV a while longer, then decided to get back to HRM and finish the chapter. I finished it, but if I want to get back on track, I need another 2 done for tomorrow and 5 chapters (including the 2 mentioned) by Monday.

It takes a while to get into studying a certain field. You first need to sort of orientate in a new world, as there’s a certain unique way of thinking that accompanies each course. Your brain is working hard as its trying to make new connections and as you practice, those connections become stronger. I hope I can get back to Management Accounting soon though because I want to expand that knowledge further.

Tomorrow I’ll also give a call to Hempworks, as my contact person will be working then. I’m hoping to get a definitive answer about the job opportunity. Fingers crossed.

I’ll try to get some decent sleep tonight and do some more studying in the morning. So good night!

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