Last 2 days

I’ve been pretty happy about my progress in the last 2 days. Yesterday, I spent my entire day covering Chapter 2 of Management Accounting and doing a self study assignment. I really need some more time immersed in that world. I think I actually quite like accounting. It’s systematic, there’s a logic to it, and I like knowing where costs are located. Today, I did a revision of the self study thing without help, and I did good.

I also went to school today to see friends and to acquire a book on human resource management which my friend was kind enough to lend out. Didn’t start with that subject yet although lectures for it have. I’m about a week ahead on MA so I’ve got enough time to catch up (5 days) for HRM. Easy. Now hoping to get that job as well.

The idea for me to work there is to get more experience with the hemp industry. I’m hoping I might get to know more about their suppliers, their processes, their material costs (and since its a merchandise business, the only inventoriable costs they have are finished stock- just a bit of MA jargon 😉 ). I feel I’m on the right path with this. Getting an internship or job, and being put under the wings of a business that works is important for me to experience what its like in the real world. And on the plus side, I see it as an industry that my long term career focus is pin pointed on. However, my position is yet to be determined, so this is still on hold.

I’m interested in the business from a holistic point of view as well, so my role can be separate from it such as an entrepreneur. I don’t feel confident enough with my knowledge of what it is I want to achieve, so I’m just feeling my way forwards, letting my heart lead whilst the mind follows. The establishment of a functional enterprise will have to wait until I’m ready.

If I don’t get the job, it’ll kind of suck, but if its not meant to be, its not, so moving swiftly on would be my next move.

Hope for the best, expect the worst. That’s all I can say for now. Peace!

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