Why I travel

So my sister asked me a question today: what did I learn during the last time I traveled?

I was thinking about this, and my thoughts have been gravitating towards having a purpose whilst travelling. In the beginning, my travelling was orientated about simply exploring a new country, or a new area which I haven’t explored yet. The thing is, there are environmentally better ways to do this as well, and I feel that you kind of need to justify burning the amount of fossil fuels that you do when travelling longer distances. Nearing the end of my travels, I wanted to travel with more purpose which is why I started to seek organic farms and WWOOFing opportunities as an object for me to learn from. I wanted to explore what it was like living on these organic farms, learning about their processes and what they needed to do to keep their heads afloat. During my time in Thailand I’ve seen a few different setups of how this is done, and I feel that I now have a better understanding of what it is I want to achieve.

For the next time I travel, I want to travel with purpose.They don’t have to be knowledge related, but more experience focused like wanting to experience cross-country skiing with a backpack and tent in Finland, or visiting music festivals in Denmark or Hungary. When I travel, I want to be more goal orientated. When I went to Thailand, my goal was exploration of my culture and any resources I could use to connect to Europe. Connection to my motherland’s culture was mild to say the least, due to being constantly surrounded by internationals and speaking Thai only to vendors and taxi drivers. Through chance however, I did meet someone interested in starting a multinational between Thailand and Europe involving textiles… one of the reasons I’m also starting to orientate myself in this direction now. I could try to pick up Thai again through learning reading and writing more, although on the other hand, this may also seem futile since I don’t really think I’m going to end up living in Thailand. My potential business partner should be able to do that much better through having a much more Thai experience with business and culture.

Before travelling in Thailand, my goal was also very broad, so it’s kind of hard to achieve any objectives. My goal setting started becoming clearer after I quit my volunteer job and went to visit the islands in the south. My goal then was to explore more about permaculture and organic farming, and what the current setups look like who are doing this. I did happen to mix business with pleasure as I was in the area anyway. That kind of travelling would be ideal for me.

For now, I’m happy about being rooted down somewhere and I might stay in the Netherlands (or at least Europe) longer than I thought I previously would. We’ll see where the universe brings me 🙂

That’s all for now. Peace and love!

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2 Responses to Why I travel

  1. joukep says:

    ” I don’t really think I’m going to end up living in Thailand”. Can you elaborate on that? Just curious. Having the same thoughts at the moment.

    • iemke postma says:

      Just a feeling at the moment.

      Maybe if I put more effort into learning the language, and be part of the Thai community I’d change my mind. But I have no real sense of attachment to the place. Also, the chance that my future life partner will want to settle in Thailand is minimal, as I highly doubt her to be a Thai native. In terms of income and repaying back student debt, it’d be more economically viable to establish something in a western economy than start from scratch in Thailand without a real clue. You also have to rely a lot on burning fossil fuels in Thailand to get around, although Holland is unique in the way its organized its infrastructure for eco friendly travelling.

      All in all, in the near future, there are enough other places for me to visit and planting my roots in Thailand is not on my to do list.

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