A day in Diemen

Hello world. I’ve been sleeping quite long these days, not sure what the cause is of that. But yeah, today was semi-productive. I finished my chapter for Management Accounting, started a new one today. I also reorganized the office space so that now there actually is an office space. Then I watched some TV, took a nap, ate some dinner, watched a movie and started writing this blog. I also worked out a bit in the morning and conversed with my sister about issues with the house and the family including ourselves. I think we got it mostly worked out although I still need to find a place of my own, where I can make my music and do my own shit without anybody saying anything about it. But anyway. That time will come.

For now I have to train my study muscle. I notice that I’m slow to get started with studying and that I have to reiterate a lot of things. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I’m not planning to go to Rotterdam… I hope I get a chapter done for Management Accounting and maybe I could also check out if the ERPS studies are open tomorrow so I can sign in.

The reason I’m not going to tomorrow’s lecture because I don’t think it’ll add any value to my day. Perhaps I’ll meet some of my fellow students who will be doing the same course. That could be a pro, especially if I have questions I want to discuss. On the other hand, I could also email the professor and get answers the same way, although I’m not sure what his response time would be. I could just write my questions down anyway and show up to class one day, another alternative. I’m not sure if I want to sit through a 2 hour lecture just to meet people in the breaks. Besides, I know enough IBAers to ask them whats up.

As an introvert, I never know whether my mind is telling me to avoid social confrontation or whether there is a genuine pointlessness in pursuing socialization in this circumstance. I think I’ve just accepted myself as an introvert because of my need for solitude. It takes energy for me to socialize, rather than it giving me energy.

However, for tomorrow, I think there’s a genuine pointlessness for me to go. I’ll go to class if I want to discuss something, like something in the case or a theory. But in the introduction to the course, there isn’t really much to discuss. I’ve already seen the lecture slide. He’s basically going to lay the foundations to HRM and there’s no real thing to discuss there. It’s going to be a monologue, and I’m not going to be a part of it.

I like my time here. I don’t feel obliged to do anything or go anywhere. I’m really just following my heart and doing the things I believe in, and want to do. I’m really looking forward to the result of Hempworks, and see if they’ll accept me under their company. That’ll be Tuesday before she’s in to take a look at my CV so I’ll have to wait. I’m excited to what the future holds. Anyway, I’m out to bed. Good night and may you live in peace and love.

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