Amsterdam day trip

So that 30 day trial gave me a taste of how actively blogging can have an effect on me. It got me into monitoring my progress better and also with following through on projects.

Speaking of which, I’m still thinking about doing that New Year’s music project only now I feel too uncomfortable recording anything at my own house due to fear of bothering someone with the noise. I’m looking for a music school which was my intention of going into Amsterdam today but instead spent my day at the library studying Management Accounting and reading up on male-female psychology which is interesting. It’s definitely good to read stuff which makes you understand the otherside better as well, and thats coming from bothways.

Music is still important to me though, and I want to keep at it because I don’t want to see it dissapear. I need to up my level which is why I need a coach.

I also actually want to check out the University of Amsterdam’s gym, see if I can get into some grappling arts, or perhaps some rock climbing or anything else that grabs my attention. I want to look into mountaineering clubs as well, so I can experience the outdoors.

Hopefully everything works out. I’m curious to what the result of my job application will be as well. I have to wait until Tuesday for a result so we’ll see.

I’ll keep up my blogging as I can. It’s been very therapeutic. For now, gotta get off my train stop and get home. See ya!

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