Day 30 and 31: Slacking

That 30 day blog trial was a test to see if I could blog everyday. I’m now a day late on finishing because of new year’s party and being out of it. I wasn’t in the driver’s seat. I also didn’t get the footage I wanted from New Year to incorporate into my video. 4 mins of firework video is what I needed.

I’m also getting ready for school again now, but I want to feel more ready. There’s a book missing that I need to study and lectures start next week. I’m not planning on falling behind. I might as well get started on Management Accounting. I find it really hard to concentrate when I want this problem solved immediately. I’ve already looked everywhere I could in the house in where I could think of where I’d put it. But I found my Cost Accounting book out in the open as well, not in a box. I put all my other study books in a box, and the ones I needed for later upstairs in a bag. Except Human Resource Management. Which I know I bought, but is missing somewhere.

Did some organizing on New Year’s day actually. Continued with that today. Taking care of myself, but I really want to sort out my study shits. I can’t think with my mind split on another issue. Going to finish my movie now and go to sleep. Planning on a productive day.

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