Day 29: new year’s eve

I spent my day at my old study friend/ ex-roommate’s place who now happens to have a baby girl of 4 months. At first it was a bit of a shock to me but I got used to it quite quickly.

What struck me the most was about how proud he was of his creation. You could see it in his eyes, the way he held her and kissed her. Like it was a trophy of his achievement.

We’ll see what kind of person she ends up becoming with an Afghan dad and a Dutch mom. She looks a lot like her dad, at least, you can see the more-afghan-than-dutch features in her face. I’m curious to how mom and dad will get along with each other as well.

Other than that, we also went out to see the fireworks at the Erasmus bridge then drove on to some club. It was like a Persian themed club I think, at least attracting to those kind of people. I tried to loosen up and dance a bit but I wasn’t really feeling the music. Instead I was reading up on new year blog posts and updates on my phone. I wasn’t in a particularly social mood either. Not that I’m particularly social anyway, although I do try to initiate contact, for example, when I went to help my cousin with setting up the gym with the other volunteers. I’m not sure whether I’m an introvert or an extravert. I think I have qualities from both.

Smoking weed does the trick for me though. When I smoke up, I’m not really bothered by what else is happening because I’m thoroughly entertained by what’s happening in my head. I just go with the flow. It gets pretty trippy sometimes too.

However, for next year, I think I want to have my own party. I’d like to be the one on stage making music. Or at least go somewhere where I feel a better connection with my environment. I want to be the driver. I want to be surrounded by people who love the same music that I love. I kind of want to be independent of other people’s decisions, so that we have the freedom to leave and that you stay together because that’s what you want, not because you’re kind of obliged to. That kind of explains the relationship my friend has as well with his partner.

2014 may prove to be an interesting year. We’ll see where we end up and what kind of work I’ll be starting to head into. But one thing’s for sure… Lets make some music 😉

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