Day 25: Ultraskate

If I want to train for the next ultraskate, I gotta fall in love with the sport. I think I want to start sprint skating when it gets warmer. Or more trick skating. Gotta think about that more.

I’m pretty stoned right now. I’ve been doing a few things today. I got up at 6:00am feeling more or less energized, took a nice warm shower, got dressed but had to find my clothes in my backpack since I didn’t unpack yet. I found clothes in different places and was trying on clothes too see they looked as well. I really like my new shirts. Some of them are presents 🙂 It’s really cool to give presents to people and keep some for yourself as well.

I walked around a lot installing my laptop, reorganizing stuff, fixing jackets with sowing, I went to town (Bijlmer Arena and Amsterdam Central), but I need a better place to get weed. It’s pretty expensive at Amsterdam Central. Listening to the REVO album. Damn those guys are good. At least, I like their style. But I’ve really been into Pentatonix as well. Speaking of which. I’ll buy tickets.

I just did. Whoah. My mind is everywhere. Really tripping.

It gave me good inspiration to work out though. I just turned the living room into a workout place. It’s really cool.

It’s been cool living here. I feel like I’m in a spaceship. In a way, I guess I am. Spaceship Earth. We’re all just like the Mass Effect Spaceship. The Normandy is where we live. It’s how we affect the world around us as well.

Anyway I’m off. I’ll write again tomorrow. Visiting the Grandparents 🙂 Peace!

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