Day 24: The journey back home and a dream

The first flight to Helsinki was good. I was seated next to the boyfriend of someone who was the daughter of a woman that worked on the airline. This resulted in free champagne for the both of us so that was sweet 🙂 The guy himself, named Joona, was cool to talk to as well. He was a paramedic/firefighter in Finland (since they both get the same training) and he just got back from 3 weeks vacation with his girlfriend in Thailand. She was on a different flight as direct family of airline employees get discounts although it has to be on a specific dates. He had to work the next day which is why he went earlier. I got his email as well, so now I have an extra contact on another part of the world 🙂 It’s good to make connections like that. I’ve always wanted to do a biathlon or do a cross-country skiing trip with tents and backpacks so who knows I’ll go to Finland for that.

I watched 2 movies (The Wolverine which I’d give a 5/10 and The Great Gatsby which I’d give a 7/10) and read a bit of my book Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic whilst listening to Daft Punk, some Eric Clapton and later Tchaikovsky. That was a nice flight. I had 2 gluten-free meals which I recommend doing as you usually get served first no matter where you’re sitting and you get decent food which is gluten free. Also the seat I was sitting in had no chairs in front of me which gives ample leg space and nobody’s chair rest gets in your face when they lean back (which I did do to the annoyance of the person behind me :P). I tend to choose aisle seats now as its easier to get out to use the bathroom and you barely get a chance to see anything you haven’t seen before out of the window anyway.

My stopover was alright since it only took a bit over an hour of waiting. I was watching YouTube music clips on my newly acquired Samsung tablet with the free WiFi at the airport. The flight itself was kind of boring though since I didn’t feel like reading, although I napped a bit and played an iPhone game. No problems with baggage although I did get my lens fluid and some washing liquid confiscated, and later on one of my lighters. I knew that was going to happen but I decided to take a chance anyway. Customs seemed to be relaxed, plus I walked out with another group of people so no problems there.

Since it was boxing day, an official holiday, I was able to travel for free since my Student Public Transport card was still set to ‘weekends and holidays’ which means I get to travel for free on those days. I might use that to visit my grandparents and some of my cousins tomorrow and/or the day after. Why not.

A few train rides and a bus ride later, I was standing in front of the apartment and let myself in being hit with a smell that seemed similar to the smell at my grandparents’ house. My sister’s been living here although she’ll only be back January 2nd, celebrating the holidays with her boyfriend and his family.

I watched Home Alone 3 that night (which seemed appropriate), ate some of my sister’s leftover food in the house (although I had a salad meal at the train station) and went to bed around 22:30.

That night, I dreamed about me drawing a something. Perhaps it was a design for something, or just simply an artwork. I was around a small group of friends and there was supposed to be a party happening later, although a few early birds did show up. I wasn’t so much interested in the party as I was in drawing… and I wasn’t the only one drawing either. There was at least one more person drawing, a friend, who I feel has a good heart. What I drew was actually quite good, although there were some things off with the angles of the lines I drew which I got feedback on later from that friend, and which I agreed with because I made the same evaluation. I was going to leave it at that but then my friend told me ‘Hey you just got feedback. Put it to use.’ And a light bulb went off in my head which told me ‘Yeah. I should try it again. I should perfect it.’ Then I woke up. 

What this dream means to me is that I should work on my creative output. I should take constructive criticism and put it to use. I can be the master myself because I can be critical enough as it is (I made the same evaluation as my friend). Simultaneously, its important to keep producing so don’t be too critical during your creative process or you’ll never have a finished product. My interest in ‘drawing’, which I interpret as using my creativity, was more appealing to me than that party which showed me that I wanted to really achieve something rather than just have fun.

Now I’m here in Diemen, I want to build a life for myself here. I want to work on my music and put out another video, I want to get into martial arts perhaps taking on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I want to research more about industrial hemp and see if I can get an internship in that field. There’s plenty for me to do, so I’m looking forward to my life here 🙂 Will keep you updated with the blog and see you soon again today! Peace.

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