Day 20 and 21: posted video and getting ready for life in the Netherlands

Slacked again yesterday. However, I did upload my final piece. Watch it on YouTube:

It took some time, but its finally done.

I’ve got a feeling, even though I spent most of the time on the music, people responded more to the video than my musical capacity. What my dad said is that I rolled the credits too fast as it makes people not realize how much effort actually goes into making one of these things. Like I could’ve added all the individual parts required to make the music with, for example, Saxophone 1: Iemke Postma; Saxophone 2: Iemke Postma; Lead vocals: Iemke Postma; 2nd Vocals: Iemke Postma, Acapella cello 1: Iemke Postma; Acapella cello 2: Iemke Postma etc. rather than just Music by Iemke Postma.

Yesterday I therefore spent most of the day filming the last footage I needed and editing the last bits. I uploaded in the afternoon and went to get an ice-cream. I responded to reactions where I could and also commenced cleaning my laptop yesterday as I felt it was time for a refresh of the system and I had problems with iTunes. I continued cleaning my laptop and responding to comments today and also started cleaning the house and collecting stuff for my return flight to the Netherlands. I’m not sad about leaving. I’m actually looking forward to go back and start the projects I can, like getting more involved with the gardening community and perhaps joining a sports club at the University of Amsterdam which is a 10 minute bike ride away. I really want to do more research into hemp as well. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I can get a job in the direction I want to grow further in. I really want to get a good internship in the hemp industry. That’s my next goal.

For now, Christmas with my parents, New Years with my friends and a beginning to an end: my last year as a Bachelor of Science and the beginning of a career path. (That’s the plan at least.) Will keep you posted! Peace 🙂

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