Day 19: filming footage and starting to edit

As the title suggests, that’s mostly what I’ve been doing today. I pretty much had to do everything independently since my parents were gone, but at least that made me aware of a lot of the editing and filming processes required to make a (music) video. The results have been a lot of fun so far and I’m almost done… although I thought I did almost lose all my work after my external hard drive unplugged by itself for no apparent reason (it does this frequently actually). Luckily after a restart of my PC, I loaded my files again, and everything worked again. That would’ve been a real pain in the ass to do everything again. The lesson is: save, save, save!!! But luckily the computer was smart enough to find the error to the missing files… thank the cyber gods for that.

Tomorrow I just need to film a bit more footage to finish it off. It’s looking good so far. At least I’m happy with it for a first time video edit. Windows Movie Maker FTW. Really simple to use, and mostly I just need to cut parts and shift them around which the application allows me to do. It even has some transition features which I’m just taking as a bonus. I don’t really need anything more complicated although I do wish there was a video in video option. Then again, because there wasn’t that option, I create this quirky video which takes attention away from the imperfections of the music as well. So I’m pretty happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚

For the rest, I did my 150 sit-ups again today, practiced some poi moves, did a load of handstands, went to the corner market to get some dinner and now I think I’m going to chill out, maybe watch a movie. I’m pretty happy about this day in the end because I was able to recover my footage. Really relieved about that. Looking forward to finishing off tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll be able to post the video soon enough ๐Ÿ™‚ Will keep you updated! Peace.

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