Day 17: Bangkok travels

So I went to Bangkok on this day to do some Christmas shopping. I mostly bought shirts that I think they’ll like back in Holland. This will also be a sample for what will appeal to the Dutch market and help me see if people like what is being produced here in Thailand.

I also bought an iPhone camera stand to see if I can do some filming. If I don’t create anything new within the next day, I’m thinking of just posting the audio clip on the 21st because I see lots of people posting their Christmas videos up before Christmas (Christmas jammies, WOTE’s Little Drummer Boy etc.). Maybe I should just do that actually. There’s too much pressure now to learn all this new stuff and I have other things on my mind as well… Like planning out my parents’ day for Christmas. I want to give them a yoga routine and make them meals throughout Christmas day. We’ll see what we get done.

Bangkok was cool though. The street food is always so good there and its pretty easy to get around with public transport and/or motorbike taxi. Bubble tea has started to become one of my standard drinks here. And I had a pretty damn tasty coconut too. So good.

Taking myself out on a date is very nice. Its good to get away from a standard routine and get to know myself better. It’s why I like travelling alone sometimes, unaffected by other people’s judgments and no pressure to do anything other than what I’m interested in. I value my freedom at the moment and like working on my own personal development rather than compromising for someone else’s. Besides, it’s not like I’ve found that special someone in my life yet, and when I’m at a point where I’m still trying to figure out who I am, I don’t think I’m ready for her to enter my life yet either. I believe everything is as it should be as there are still many things I want to figure out on my own.

That’s all for now! Will keep posting 🙂 peace.

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