Day 16: Stuck on video and skipped class

I started this day off late again. Couldn’t sleep the night before (which I’m sort of experiencing again now) so I started sketching a plot on the drawing board of my video. But I got stuck at one point… how do I actually depict love in my video? I have a love for my parents I try to express through taking over household chores… Like mopping the house again today. But I’m not going to film myself mopping the house. At least, I don’t think that would get the message across right.

I was just thinking of making a big heart and getting shots of people holding that. That could actually work. Although I have to actually do it to make it happen. It would definitely be a step out of my  comfort zone but I think I’d experience something positive out of it. I’m planning to head to Bangkok tomorrow anyway. We’ll see what kind of inspiration the city will give me.

As for taekwondo, today is the first time I decided not to show up for training. I trained at home with 150 situps + 150 squats and practicing handstands, kicks and a bunch of 1 handed pushups. That was good enough for me. The reason I didn’t go was because in the end, I feel taekwondo isn’t really my sport. I’m not that fond of sports where your objective is to kick the other person in the face, and get more points for knocking them out. I mostly came to practice technique and to get some kind of social group around me. To be frank, the technique wouldn’t really be useful since I would never kick someone in a real fight. I’d probably use more Aikido techniques. And the social group, well, even though this is the ‘adult’ class I’m training with, they’re mostly young kids training to fight in competitions. I need to make my own group is what I feel. I’d like to train more Jiu-Jitsu based forms like Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or maybe Kung Fu based forms like Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Tchun and/or Tai Chi… which I think would also tap into a market that’s not tapped into yet here. But yeah, the question is if I want to move back.

If my parents find another place, I’d consider moving back since the house needs some kind of activity going on. I’d still be able to plan my trips from here, so its not a bad fallout base although I don’t know if I want to stay in Pattaya for too long. We shall see what the future brings.

That’s all for now! See you again tomorrow 🙂


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