Day 14: music project mostly outlasting

I woke up late again today because of sleeping late again. I actually slept early (20:30-21:00) but woke up fully energized not too long later. I was lucid dreaming as well during this time. It wasn’t completely lucid, but I was aware that I was dreaming and I had some higher degree of control of the situations I was placed in. It was crazy as well, seeing my reality shift and shape around me like I was able to mess with time as well.

That yoga routine I was going to practice I never got to. I do however stretch throughout the day to keep my body flexible and warmed up. I like cracking my hips like people crack their knuckles. I washed my gi for taekwondo tomorrow, so that’s done at least.

I was mostly involved with my music today. Again, I have to work on structure. I have the tendency to work on something until its done, and then be exhausted from that activity afterwards. Its an easy way to monitor myself though, especially when I’m working creatively like this. It’s good to take longer breaks, although I notice its harder to get back into it. I did do that today though, pushing myself with small steps until the ball gets rolling. I’m pretty much done with the sound now, although I was just listening to it again and thinking of polishing some parts a little more, but maybe its more important to start with video now and do polishing after everything’s done.

The next step is to create a story board for how I want to video to be filmed. I’m just going to use 1 frame instead of multiple frames in one picture like I was planning before. I’ll probably be wearing my morph suit in the saxophone solo part as well. At least, I was planning that 🙂 That’s what my focus will be on tomorrow. We’ll see how far we get.

I keep listening to it over and over as well, so that must be a good sign. At least I’m not getting sick of my own voice or anything, and I find it pretty entertaining. I think I’d make the future and past me very proud of present me 🙂 It actually gets better the more I listen to it. Psychological explanation for that?

Music has really taken over my life now. And a few a games here and there as well in between, as I’m experiencing my childhood again by playing retro games on this PS1 emulator I have installed. It’s pretty sick. I help my parents out where I can in terms of the little things I can do like sweeping the floor and washing dishes. I’ll let my dad mess around with the filter system for the pool… it should actually be almost done. I should go do a progress report on that. Maybe tomorrow.

That’s it for now anyway since I need to go catch some sleep. Later!

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