Day 12 and 13

Really slacking this time. Mostly because I’m more involved with the projects I’m actually blogging about, so in a way that’s a good thing.


Yesterday I was helping out my dad with a few errands for the pool filter we’re making. There’s only a limited number of tools so I just go with him to look for materials. My dad’s good at making stuff. I thought I was, but I still have a lot to learn, and need more time to build better intuition.


I didn’t really do much today except focus on music.



I recorded the saxophone solo today since I was practicing it yesterday to figure out what I wanted. That worked out great! Now I’m working on the intro, and I’m starting to figure out how I want that done as well… its all coming together.

The sound is good enough for me to be happy with it. I’m just an amateur after all, and I’ll be happy once I’ve got the finished piece… especially if I could do some funny video clip running over it 😛 I have 10 days until Christmas, so just over a week to get ready. It’s good working with deadlines. It gives me focus.

The only thing what I need to work is my daily structure. Even though music is fun, its still wearing down my energy, and I do need breaks. I figure that if I’m a bit more planned out with my breaks, like how I ultraskate, I could be much more efficient during the day. This is good practice for when I get back to studying in Holland and juggling with other activities like the Amsterdam community garden and finding a job in an industry I want to work in for the long term.


Martial Arts

Taekwondo training yesterday was intense. I really have to be careful with my kicks that I don’t kick elbows. I’ve been injured from that for a long time when I did MMA back in Holland. Same with the training from yesterday, but that’s because it’s natural to go to a defensive position even though we were training kicks. I have to work on my technique. That 1-2 kick I did yesterday worked out well. My backspin kicks need more practice however, so I’m working on those. Training is Tuesday again, so I’ll stretch and stuff during my rest days.

I haven’t done yoga in a while. I was going to make that routine, but I’m not that motivated for some reason. Perhaps I could start with that tomorrow morning instead of music. I never make music in the morning anyway, preferring to start after lunch. We’ll see how I follow through.


As for my blogging in general, I wanted to add more pictures and material but its more effort to do it. If I integrate it into my routine it won’t be seen as effort but normal so that’s a habit I could build. For now, I’m half falling asleep which is why typing is better. A group would be good for discipline. That’s why taekwondo has been working out so effectively… which reminds me, I need to do the laundry for that tomorrow before I forget.

That’s all for now. Peace 🙂

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