Day 10

I’m late on this blog but here goes anyway…

I feel I have to add pictures or videos to my blog to make it more lively. A picture reflecting my progress in each project would be good. Within my blog, that’d be a good new way to improve but it may also help the individual quality of each project I’m working on.


  1. Music
  2. Hemp/t-shirts


Yesterday, I was practicing saxophone a bit, but I was struggling since I wasn’t happy with the sound and my flow. Not sure how I’m going to try again today since my dad is back and he’s got to work. I don’t know where to practice. That’s another thing I’m struggling with. I need to go into town and get some new recording software anyway so I’ll go and do that. I also need a Christmas hat… It’s all necessary for the recording I want to do.


I changed this project to hemp/t-shirts since I could be moving in a direction where there’s business first, and slowly move to more sustainable methods later. I want to see t-shirts at Platinum in BKK as they got some cool shirts I think people back in the Netherlands will like as well. I will first buy them for family and myself and see how I move on from there.


That’s all for now! I’ll post another later today. Peace.

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