Day 9: still on projects

I feel good about my projects. I’ve got the right skeleton and feel that now, its time to turn up the volume. Increase the intensity. But this probably means planning out rest days as well. I also need to chase some things harder that I’m not really chasing right now, so here it is for today:


  1. Music
  2. Permaculture
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Hemp




I feel that I’m starting to get somewhere. I’ve recorded parts without video, and I feel satisfied with what I’m able to achieve at the moment. Of course you got to always push your limits, but for putting this out into the world, I think I’m on the right path. I think it’ll be fun when people see my cover, especially if they see me actually play which is why video would work better. Video speaks so much louder than words. But maybe I should create a music video or something. I’d like to do one for ‘Radioactive’. That’d be sick anyway. But I’d be happy enough just recording my parts with me playing all the parts. That’d give me enough satisfaction anyway.

I’ve figured out how I want to do it like I said yesterday so now, we just have to put it all together which means…

Tomorrow’s objective: practice and record saxophone part.

Let’s see how that one goes…



I communicated with dad about pricing and such. He said to move ahead and buy the stuff. I’d rather hold back a bit and get everything in one go. We still need pipes anyway and think of a design to keep dirt from swirling up. Perhaps a tight bamboo weave could work. I’m still going to wait for him to come back anyway.

To add to the permaculture project, I’d also like to add general house maintenance as I see maintenance of current systems as an integral part of permaculture as well. I cleaned 2 house floors today after requesting my mom what I could do. There’s me applying my initiative again: I was seeking for work rather than it already being clear what I needed to do. It’s a weird way my mom communicates. She sits in her lounge chair watching TV all day, gets annoyed when I ask her questions about stuff and complains about me falling short of expectations. But maybe I’m just focusing on the negative here. The positive thing is that she cooked food 2 days ago where there was leftovers, and I ate that today. Also, she does all of the grocery shopping in the house, and keeps us supplied most of the time. Everything positive about mom seems to be related to food. Although depending on her mood, that varies a lot as well but its generally pretty good. I guess she also sacrificed a chunk of her lives taking care of us as kids. Although I guess that changed as well when we moved to Thailand and got a maid and all… 2 in the beginning even. But yeah. Mom’s a fighter. A warrior. I’ll carry that spirit with me at least, but I feel I have to distance myself from her now so that she can grow in her own space. It seems that that’s what she wants anyway as every time I try to accompany her she’s like “leave me alone”. I’ll give her love through helping where I can, but the umbilical cord is cut, and I am out on my own journey.

Through permaculture I’m trying to create a home for myself. I don’t really want to get dragged across different places anymore. Sure, travelling has its perks sometimes, but to go to Pai just for a Muay Thai camp for example? It might be nice, but if I was serious about training, I’d be doing it at home, and like it or not, Pattaya is my home. That’s why I’m doing the taekwondo and yoga here, because if you’re not training at home, what are you doing with the knowledge you gain elsewhere? I want to focus on building on my skills and developing my environment into having a more positive outlook.

But in terms of the next objective: I will ask again tomorrow what can be done and probably do some more maintenance as well. I need to do that anyway (like feeding chickens/ducks/fish/dog, watering plants etc.). Might also go to BKK tomorrow, so we’ll see.



Went to training again today. Kept stretching throughout the day and doing handstands as well. Rest tomorrow so it’s all good. Had a few sparring sessions as well today during training. It was good. I actually landed a head kick to a black belt. I fought differently this time as well being much more defensive of my pads, and keeping my head back and aware of kicks coming my way. I see improvements.

Next objective: stretch tomorrow and do sit up workout as recommended by teacher. Still gotta figure out that yoga routine as well but I’ve been slacking on that. Will get to that soon.


Increasing my knowledge of hemp production in Thailand. Apparently only hill tribe people do it for themselves. There’s probably little chance of international shipping but I figure it has to grow local and sell local anyway. I’m not in it for the profit margins, although if I can help my friend through being his contact in Holland, I’m all good for it. I probably need to do more research about hemp in Holland, and get my contacts landed in that. I stumbled on a couple near Groningen now so maybe I’ll go visit up there someday. But more research can still be done so:

Next objective: find out specifically what vendors there are, what their production possibilities are and why the price of hemp products is so expensive.


This blog actually felt like I had to work for it. Which is not a bad thing as it shows if I’m capable of doing this for a longer term. I probably need to go through actually working hard on blogs for me to really get into it. And the results would probably be a lot more satisfying as well, especially if I know I’ve created something of value. At the moment, this web log is serving just fine as a way to follow my objectives. It also gives me a stronger need to follow through as it can be publicly seen if I have the character to turn my words into action. Anyway. That’s all for now, so see you tomorrow!

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