Day 8: continuity of project listing

Projects that ran today were:

  1. Music
  2. Permaculture
  3. Sport


1. Music

I was attempting to record parts, but on the feedback, I wasn’t satisfied with what I was hearing. The reality of my ability as a musician hit me, but I also learnt that I might need to develop my own style for things to sound good. Maybe if I have my own flow and rhythm I could make it work. Working on this at the moment.

Video would be much nicer to have as its more entertaining to watch what I’m actually doing as well since its all acoustic. I like working with acoustic music. It gives a little more earth to music I feel. I could potentially do this if I went to the electronics mall and bought some video editing software, however, my PC started lagging with multiple videos when I used a demo version of Sony Vegas Pro 12. Maybe I need a more powerful PC? Maybe I need to find resources I can tap into to use instead? For example a proper recording studio or a school. That would be cool actually, but it would mean I’d have to get my parts down tight.

That will be my next objective: figure out exactly how I’m going to play the music before I record it, and practice it for recording day.


2. Permaculture

I visited some shops today on my mountain-bike. I got some info and pricing, although we still need to think of how we’re going to create 2 objects: the funnel and the lid separating the swirl process and the outlet. I’m waiting for dad to come back so we can discuss this.

In terms of project management, I think the house projects can be a lot better managed. Dad always talks about how project management is so important but I need to see him apply what he preaches in these home projects. I guess it’s different when working for IBM as the shit at home is open to new ideas and innovation. That’s where real magic gets made.

Anyway. I’ve taken matters in my own hands by taking the initiative in the situation and asking directly how I can contribute. This is a skill I need to build as well: asking questions, and getting a plan down for myself, not relying on the plans of others although borrowing their ideas sometimes.

Next objective: work out solutions to separator and funnel. Wait for dad to contribute ideas and commence purchases.


3. Sport

I was stretching a bit throughout the day when for example I need to wait for things to load on my PC or when I’m cooking in the kitchen. I also went for a walk with the dog and tried to stay somewhat active throughout the day through random stretching and practicing kicks. At 19:00 I went to taekwondo and I definitely made an improvement to my kicks. I feel that I get the necessary attention that I need in class so that’s good. It was a reasonably taxing training, as I felt myself needing to get more oxygen in my body, at times feeling the blood running away from my head like in a pre-blackout, or when you stand up after sitting for a long time but more sustaining than that. I just focused on breathing. I think I trained hard today. I’m happy about my progress in general.

When I get back to Holland I’m not sure if I’ll continue taekwondo. I’ll continue training, that’s for sure, but the sport could be different. I was thinking of going on a more Aikido/Jiu-Jitsu/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu path. Maybe even Judo if that’s the only thing available (since it’s quite popular in Holland). I really love my martial arts, and would really want to go deeper into it. Especially now I’ve discovered ‘tricking’ as well. I want to be able to have some basics in that… or breakdancing or capoeira.

It’s not just martial arts either but perhaps I could do more indoor rock climbing. That would make my comeback to Thailand all the more awesome 🙂 I still need to work on creating my own yoga routine as well. Maybe I’ll start with a hail to the sun routine. So that could be an objective.

So many cool things to learn, and now I have the time and the body. That’s one of the reasons I decided not to get a paid job when I come back. I’ll definitely look into volunteer opportunities and my own entrepreneurial ventures if I find something however.

But for now…

My next objective: create a yoga routine (hail to the sun) and go to taekwondo training tomorrow.



I’m starting to like the structure of my new blog now. It allows me to keep track of what I’m doing, and enlightens other people too. Adding things like objectives to my projects is an innovation to my skeleton, and I look forward how I can evolve this skeleton further, and what my ideal structure would be.

The future is bright. I feel positive. I feel like I’m going somewhere step by step. Even though I sometimes make choices other people don’t understand, they’re not in my shoes, so their judgement is meaningless. My inner voice guides me and the way in which I understand the universe, my cognitive lens, is what I’m trying to adjust so that I’m better able to manifest results into my reality. There’s a bit of subjective reality going on in the way in which I understand the universe. I also believe in karma, and try to keep my vibrations positive. Even though I make mistakes, they’re there for me to learn from. I’m still young, I’m still maturing. Like Bob Ross, I turn my mistakes into birds to paint the painting that is my life.

Always look forward and until tomorrow!

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