Day 7: Listing Projects

I guess the best way to monior all my projects is to blog about them. From the top of my head I got 3 projects running:

1. Yoga and martial arts
2. Music
3. Permaculture

Let’s get a bit more detailed
1. Yoga and martial arts:
Today I was stretching a bit and practicing kicks. I probably need to do more situps. Tomorrow, Taekwondo training and developing yoga more as well using internet sources.

2. Music:
I worked out what medium I’m going to use and I’m practicing parts for recording. I’m taking my
time to finish. I want it done before christmas.

3. Permaculture:
Going to make a swirl filter for the pool. Going to scout out for materials tomorrow as list has been made and theory understood.

So yeah. That was that. Hope to see you again tomorrow!

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