Day 6: Music Project

I was working on my music for most of the day yesterday which is why this post is late. It’s been really fun experimenting with making music, although I probably need a better PC for me to do some real video compliation work (I’m experiencing lag when I’m editing stuff now). Starting from this morning, I’m going to start changing how I record, using only audio, maybe adding video later.

Its been really fun working on this music project. It puts new focus in my life and I’m experieincing a real hunger to find out how it works and how I can create the art I want to create. I recorded a rough sketch of how I want it to go and its quite funny seeing myself on camera like that. I think I got potential to make a really cool video, something that child Iemke and future Iemke could be proud of.

Drinking a bullet proof coffee and eating some grapefruit to start my day off, maybe chug a glass of water or two as well. Gonna do my own yoga later and hopefully study some permaculture sometime today as well. It sounds like I’m starting to live the lifestyle I want to live. But we’re not self sustainable so not there yet in any sense. Just taking steps towards the dream, and sowing my seeds. As for now, time to get cracking and I’ll evaluate how my day has turned out on my Day 7 post. Cheers 🙂

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