Day 5: The Reasons I write

It’s not always easy to write a blog or journal. I know many people, myself included, who start out strong and finish weak. To keep myself motivated I need a purpose. We all need one. So here are 7 reasons why I write:

1. I want other people to start writing as well. I might want to hear about what goes on in your head everynow and then. I secretly admire people who own a disciplined blog, and love those that give me amazing content. Hopefully through my writing I’ll influence others to do the same.

2. Its a form of meditation. When I write, I release those thoughts on paper (or on bits and bytes), so I can empty my mind.

3. I write because I feel that it’s a powerful way to express myself. I don’t always feel like talking, and writing is a much easier way for me to reflect on the things that occupy my mind.

4. I write because it answers questions for me that I didn’t even think about. There’s a lot of subconscious stuff going on when writing. It connects me to new ideas I accidentally discover in my own brain.

5. For future purposes. I might want to expand into different areas, and being able to hold a blog is a good way for a CEO to do their own PR: think of Steve Pavlina, Mark’s Daily Apple, the CEO of Red Balloon etc. It’s basically a good skill to start crafting early.

6. Internal discipline. I need discipline to follow through with my dreams, and being disciplined with writing, breeds more discipline in other areas.

7. It’s mobile. You can do it anywhere in the world, while travelling, while being at home, it doesn’t matter. I can write on almost anything and with half decent internet in the area, even upload it.

Anything else I missed? Why do you write? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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