New habits

So now I’m starting to incorporate more stretching into my daily life. I’ve been doing it anyway throughout my life, but I’m going to focus on it more as part of my goal to become more flexible. I’ve also been looking at ‘tricking’ today which comes from doing ‘tricks’ or acrobatics in martial arts. They’re extreme moves that you probably wouldn’t use in a real fight, and is more aimed at pushing the limits of what’s possible with the human body. This is something that definitely floats my boat.

Using taekwondo and yoga as a guide to help me on my journey of bodily expression, I hope to be able to combine all the things I’ve learnt into my routine. It would still be helpful to have a mentor or a coach, but the best master would be myself if I can reach that level.

Discipline and structure is what I need to give myself. Pushing myself as hard as I do in class is the kind of level I need to reach at home. Setting goals, and creating a schedule would help with this. What is my goal? What is my routine? What are my habits? How can I build new ones and lose ones which are wearing me down? The first step is identifying which habits I want to change. I want to eat better, I want to sleep better, I want to look better, I want to feel better. Doing exercise in the morning as a habit actually sounds good. Even if its a short run around the block- something to get my heart pumping and my blood flowing would be a good start to my day. Yoga has been doing that. I want to start earlier though, and be able to work after my exercise. A run and some yoga. That would be a good start.

I have to remember to stay flexible with these kind of things though because if I do it too often, I know it can get boring so I change it up, as long as my routine stays ‘waking up with exercise and a stretch’.

Let’s see how I follow through on this.

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