Day 3: Still blogging

So this is my third consecutive day blogging. I realized today that blogging helps me keep track of consistencies within my beliefs. Once I write it down, I reaffirm those beliefs to myself. I thought about this today because I noticed inconsistencies within my mom’s beliefs, and that her mood is very bipolar and reactive to external situations. My dad is similar in this way as well, as he reacts to traffic, weather, and the emotional discharges of my mom having a limited amount of patience with her (something he needs to work on).

So there I’ve identified the problem of my parents which I’m here to learn from. I must say I’m emotionally more developed than my parents. I think that through reaching for personal development as a way out of my personal situation when I was 15 has shaped me into a more conscious human being. I’ve still made my mistakes, and I’ve still let my ego get the better of me sometimes, but after my 22nd birthday and the events leading up to that point, I feel a lot for me has changed on the inside. In the past, I’ve sometimes let the wrong people influence me, but feel that now, I have a much better understanding and control of who I am. My journey is different to most people having been raised in a cross culture environment, and the way I relate to other people has changed as I’m now working on improving my central relationships rather than interacting with superfluous relationships. I still meet new people, only I put more value in the people that are still, and always have been at my core.

I’m not really that active on Facebook these days. I only respond to notifications and messages, and most of my news feed consists of groups and pages I follow as I tend to hide a lot of my contacts from reaching my news feed. I still get a varied amount of news, enough so that when Paul Walker gets killed in a car crash, I don’t have to read the news to be aware of it. If people care about topics enough, they’ll post what they have to say.

I still feel I’m all over the place with my writing, but I probably have to read my own blogs to get a better feel for what works and what doesn’t and grow from there. I think that’ll conclude what I have to say for today and until tomorrow!

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