Living my life here in Thailand and training

It’s been pretty relaxed living here. I’m free to do whatever I want as most of the time my accommodation and food is free (since we have the house, and my mom keeps the fridge in stock when she’s in a good mood). I can walk around in barely any clothes all day although I tend to stick to wearing board shorts, and my new focus in life has now been taekwondo, yoga and preparing for my life back in Holland. The rest I just take as it comes.

I think taekwondo and yoga has also put a new discipline in my life. Yesterday, I didn’t actually smoke weed after taekwondo like I said I might. I slept at a decent time because I had to wake up for yoga, or at least be up in time to consider it. I didn’t go to it that day because I know how intense the level there is, and I just wasn’t up for it. Besides, I needed time to think how I was going to negotiate for lessons for the whole month which I still haven’t thought of… but I’m more keen on asking how much private lessons would cost for a more custom made program that would fit my family, because I’d like for them to start doing this as well.

Yoga is actually more intense than taekwondo and also more mature I feel. At least the taekwondo at the gym here is aimed more at kids, and the teacher himself is also more of a kid looking at the kicks there as ‘cool moves’. But that’s just my feeling. I was reminded of Bruce Lee’s quote of “I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.” because I felt there was no focus with the kicks… at least for me. I wasn’t learning how to do a proper round house kick and I wasn’t give time to practice the other kicks he gave me tips on because we had to do all these other drills. I’ve got training in 20 mins and I’ve asked him for homework yesterday which he told me he’d give me today. So we’ll see. I probably won’t go to training this friday however because of my interview. Maybe that’ll give me another shot to do yoga before the weekend.

Anyway, that was my quick blog for the day. I need to go get ready for training so until tomorrow!

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