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Day 28: update

I ended up making more music that day, attempting to create a Jack Johnson piece with my cousin and also finishing off my cover of Radioactive. My cousin seemed to like it. But I might want to add a few … Continue reading

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Day 27: Oss music making

I spent the night at my auntie’s house. We chilled a bit that night but my sleeping rhythm made sure I wanted to sleep. Waking up that morning, I did some excercises to stay warm and I started practicing music … Continue reading

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Day 26: in Oss, visiting the fam

So here I am at my grandparents listening to Daft Punk on my earphones, writing a blog. It’s interesting to hear about what they do and how we’re quite a modern family because of my grandpa’s involvement with early information … Continue reading

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Day 25: Ultraskate

If I want to train for the next ultraskate, I gotta fall in love with the sport. I think I want to start sprint skating when it gets warmer. Or more trick skating. Gotta think about that more. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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What is the difference between Strategy and Philosophy?

Strategy Wikipedia: “…is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve these goals are usually limited.” Say you want to make music. There’s your goal. Uncertain if it’s … Continue reading

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Day 24: The journey back home and a dream

The first flight to Helsinki was good. I was seated next to the boyfriend of someone who was the daughter of a woman that worked on the airline. This resulted in free champagne for the both of us so that … Continue reading

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Day 23: Christmas Day

So flying tomorrow. Today was spent as a comfortable day at home. Nice dinner, a little shopping,  practicing handstands and kicks and playing some music. I think it was a good Christmas. I was thinking about recording my next song … Continue reading

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