Life in BKK

I’ve been living here about 5 days now.

Today, I woke up slightly later than usual because of that last party. Holy shit. That was intense.

This is intense, right now at this very moment. I’m sitting in the corridor after my walk outside. I was connecting with the animals. Writing this blog on my iPhone 4S. Handy piece of machinery to have. First smartphone as well. Still shining in one piece *knocks on bamboo* because we’re in Thailand.

What’s the next step? Developing a partnership seems fruitful? Staying under 1 roof allows for greater learning. But I need my own space. That’s all. It’s good to be able to get away on Khao San as well; the 2 soi’s in the beginning on the right. Going there now? I’m really stoned right now, so this man ain’t moving much. What to do? Meditate.

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